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German Tourist Attacks 8-Year-Old Cuban Boy on Holguín Beach

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German Tourist Attacks 8-Year-Old Cuban Boy on Holguín Beach

German Tourist Allegedly Tries to Drown 8-Year-Old Cuban Boy on Holguín Beach

A shocking incident unfolded on a beach in Holguín, Cuba, when a German tourist reportedly attempted to drown an 8-year-old Cuban boy. Independent journalist Alberto Arego shared the details of the incident in which the tourist allegedly attacked the young boy.

The incident occurred on Sunday at White Beach, according to the brother of the young victim. The children were playing, and there was a sandcastle on the shore. Unintentionally, the boy accidentally broke the sandcastle made by the German tourist’s daughter, which infuriated the tourist.

Without any regard for the boy’s age or his unintentional actions, the German tourist allegedly grabbed the child by the neck, lifted him, and took him deep into the water, where he proceeded to beat him. Fortunately, thanks to the quick response of lifeguards and beach staff, the boy was rescued before drowning.

The lifeguards immediately contacted the police, who arrested the German tourist and took him to the Freire unit. Meanwhile, the victim was rushed to the hospital, where he received thorough medical attention. According to the complaint, the boy experienced nervousness, refused to communicate with anyone, vomited, and even lost consciousness due to the traumatic incident.

To the dismay of the victim’s family, it is alleged that the German tourist got away with a mere fine and a warning. The authorities did not detain him, possibly because he had a young girl with him who claimed to be his daughter. The brother of the victim criticized this lenient punishment, stating that the German tourist had threatened to kill his brother, yet faced no serious consequences.

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Several witnesses, including the lifeguards who observed the entire incident, supported the victim’s account. The family is now seeking justice for their traumatized child.

The young boy, Marlon Jesús Osorio Hernández, is the son of Maritza Hernández Reyes and Marcial Osorio Chong. They reside on the San Germán El Yayal Highway, according to Arego’s information.

This distressing incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety and protection of children, especially in tourist destinations. Cuba’s authorities are urged to thoroughly investigate this case and ensure that justice is served.

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