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Goodbye Facebook: birthdays remind us Google Contacts!

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Goodbye Facebook: birthdays remind us Google Contacts!

We have long known the commitment of Google within apps and services for smartphone and mobile devices. We have seen different apps grow over time, such as Maps, Meet and Wallets. Among these we also find Google Contacts.

Google Contacts is the Google app that allows you to manage all personal address book, with the possibility of access from any device and also from a PC, thanks to cloud synchronization with the personal Google account. Google Contacts itself is about to receive one very interesting feature.

For at least a decade the chronic forgetful they relied on Facebook for remember birthdays of your contacts. This is thanks to the functionality of the social network that sends daily notifications precisely for the birthdays of one’s contacts on the social network. But incredibly Google Contacts is going to do it competition.

The screenshot found below leave little room for doubt. The Google Contacts app is about to receive the functionality it offers notifications in the case of birthday occurs of one of your contacts.

The images show how for each saved contact it will be possible to activate the birthday notification.

So it seems that the birthday notification will go activated for each individual contact. It would really be a great alternative to Facebook even if we already locate a weakness: it would indeed be necessary add manually the birthday date for each contact, while with Facebook life has always been much easier because the acquisition of the birthday date was automatic.

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But there is also a plus point: with the Meta app you can receive birthday notifications exclusively by those who they accept to make the date of birth public at least to one’s friends. With the Google Contacts feature, however, you can enter birthdays for contacts independently by the will of the contacts themselves.

The new feature again not available on a large scale. We expect that within i next daysor at most weeks, arrivals for everyone.

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