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Harry and Meghan launch new site with the royal coat of arms

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Harry and Meghan launch new site with the royal coat of arms

There is no peace at Buckingham Palace, or maybe there is. How to read the fact that Harry and Meghan, the terrible relatives, have opened the Sussex.com website? And even if it is different from the one, “SussexRoyal” which they had to close at the behest (also) of the queen when they left England slamming the door, the name is still linked to their title that of Dukes of Sussex. Something that the many enemies they have at court have already begun to underline. Because if there is peace in the family, the road is long and paved with “ifs”. The fiercest enemy at this point is William who is not satisfied with a “silent” rapprochement, with a peace imposed by sad circumstances, not only Kate’s health conditions, but also those of Charles, who is being treated for cancer.

After Harry’s book and the various interviews released which have spread manure on all the family members, a phone call to make sure how Kate is and a quick 45 minute visit to see her father in difficulty is not enough. Harry will have to think about something else if he really wants to play the part of the “prodigal son”. And those who know him assure that he would like it and that Meghan would be the one holding him back, who is not at all in favor of this rapprochement. Remaining “enemies” of the royal house, they nevertheless have a defined, “spendable” role of greater visibility with respect to a peace that would bring them back to the ranks of the royal family in a subordinate position of both consideration and dynastic importance (Harry is fifth in line of succession ).

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The Dukes of Sussex had been working on the foundation project for months, to redesign their image in a more institutional and less worldly way. And in this sense the initiative will certainly serve to break the waters, if not peace at least a declaration of good will.

On the site, Prince Harry’s coat of arms and the heading The Office of Prince Harry & Meghan – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. A declaration of belonging to his world, the one he left to be free to make his own life. The new site incorporates the activity of the Archewell Foundation and that of Archewell productions. “The office of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Dukes of Sussex, wants to help plan the future through business and philanthropy”, it is written in the site.

Harry spoke to his father about his initiative during his short visit to London. Thirty minutes to look each other in the eyes and rediscover the old affection. But there will be no real new beginning, and it seems that Charles has been very clear on this, until things are clarified with Queen Camilla. And she is now the most stubborn enemy of the “American” couple. Of course, it is also very difficult for Harry to go back from his positions, and from the memory of the suffering that Camilla and Carlo caused her mother Diana. Forgiving is an option, forgetting is not. Even for the Queen Consort, after her stepson Spare described her as “dangerous” and “evil” in her memoir, capable of leaking stories about him to the media to strengthen her own image. Harry also said that he and his brother, Prince William, had “begged” their father not to marry Camilla because they feared she would become their “evil stepmother”.

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In short, the road to peace is still long and full of obstacles. At Buckingham Palace, not only Camilla, but also the apparatus that moves the gears of the Crown, and which Diana called “The Firm”, does not look favorably on the return of the lost sheep Harry to the royal fold. There is much more at stake than family peace.

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