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vembanjama is not playing for france at mundobasket | Sports

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vembanjama is not playing for france at mundobasket |  Sports

Viktor Vembanjama has confirmed that he will not play for France at Mundobasket.

Source: Profimedia

Viktor Vembanjama (19) will play in the NBA, San Antonio chose him as the first pick in the recent draft and will learn from Greg Popovic in the strongest basketball league in the world. He attracted enormous attention, everyone is talking about him, his potential, his physical predispositions… After everything that happened, he shocked everyone in France, he made a decision not to play for his country at the upcoming Mundobasket.

This was a difficult decision. I realized that it was not wise at this time and from a medical point of view. I hope people will understand, it’s frustrating for me too, I want to win medals with France, but at the moment it’s a necessary sacrifice. I want to say that the Spurs would support my decision whatever it was,” said Vembanjama to “L’Equip” and thus immediately put an end to all speculations that his NBA team forced him to give up.

Viktor completely changed his story compared to what he said at the end of February this year. Then he spoke to the media during the training of the national team. “I don’t want to miss the World Cup with my national team. It is very important for me to defend the numbers of my country“, he said to Vembanje at the time. In just a few months, a lot has changed…

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He swore to join the national team, but changed his mind as soon as he went to the NBA! The first pick from the draft shocked everyone – he will not play at the WC!

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