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He Jinli visits CCP to engage in small movements experts: Beijing anxiety | Vietnam | Harris | Vaccine

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[Epoch Times, August 26, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian comprehensive report) When US Vice President He Jinli (Kamala Harris, Harris) flies to Vietnam this week, he will give Vietnam a gift-another donation of 100 10,000 vaccines, but during the three-hour delay of the He Jinli flight, the CCP hurriedly sent people to deliver 2 million vaccines to Vietnam, rushing to shoot before the United States. According to expert analysis, this abnormal diplomatic behavior highlights the anxiety of the CCP’s growing isolation.

According to a report from the Washington Post on Wednesday, He Jinli arrived in Hanoi three hours later due to the presence of “Havana Syndrome” at the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam on August 24.

This gave the CCP a “window of opportunity”. Beijing seized the delay in He Jinli’s schedule and took the opportunity to act behind the scenes. The ambassador to Hanoi, Xiong Bo, hurriedly dispatched to Hanoi, met with Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Myung-chung. The previous shot weakened the subsequent US statement.

The Washington Post quoted the official Vietnamese media as saying that Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Myung-chung thanked the Chinese Communist Party’s special envoy for the proposal, stating that Vietnam “will not ally with one country to fight another country”.

Outsiders commented that the battlefield between the United States and China was staged in Vietnam. This shows that the CCP is very nervous about U.S. diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, it is trying to win over Vietnam, a fast-growing country with a population of close to 100 million.

The CCP donated 2 million doses of vaccine to the Vietnamese army, while the United States donated it to ordinary people in the country. In total, the United States has donated 6 million doses to Vietnam.

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Outsiders commented that He Jinli’s trip to Asia made the CCP very nervous. He Jinli called on Vietnam and the Biden government to stand together to resist the CCP’s expansion of its ambitions in the South China Sea. In Singapore on Tuesday, He Jinli accused the CCP of using coercion and intimidation to make an illegal claim for sovereignty in the disputed South China Sea.

He Jinli said at the Vietnam meeting: “Frankly, we need to find ways to pressure Beijing to comply with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and challenge its bullying and excessive maritime claims.”

He Jinli expressed support for the deployment of another US Coast Guard vessel in Vietnam to help defend Vietnam’s interests in the South China Sea. She added that the United States will “maintain a strong presence” in the region.

The Wall Street Journal quoted an analysis by Murray Hiebert, Senior Assistant of the Southeast Asia Program of the Center for Strategic and International Studies on August 26, saying that some Southeast Asian countries are swinging between the United States and China, and the CCP hastily sent vaccines to Vietnam, showing that I am afraid of the anxiety of losing support from Vietnam.

He said that throughout He Jinli’s itinerary, the Chinese Communist Party and the media kept saying bad things about the United States. Even when He Jinli did not mention the CCP, the other party’s attacks on her did not stop. “No matter what she says, they will reply,” he said.

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