Home World Here are the names of the 4 egyptian officers indicted for kidnapping, torturing and killing Giulio Regeni. Spread the word

Here are the names of the 4 egyptian officers indicted for kidnapping, torturing and killing Giulio Regeni. Spread the word

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Rome’s Public Prosecutor’s Office indicted four agents of Egypt’s National Security Agency (NSA). They are accused of kidnapping, torturing and murdering Italian citizen Giulio Regeni, whose body was found on February 3, 2016, in Cairo, where Regeni worked as a researcher at Cambridge University.

The four officers being investigated are:
TARIQ SABIR, born in Egypt in 1963, military identification document nr. 291/1984/19 holder, Police General at the Department of National Security;
ATHAR KAMEL MOHAMED IBRAHIM, born in Egypt in 1968, military identification document no. 5/89 holder,
UHSAM HELMI, Colonel, born in Egypt in 1968, military identification card No. 270/1990 holder
MAGDI IBRAHIM ABDELAL SHARIF, born in Egypt on 9.7.1984.

Rome’s Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the men be given a fair trial to establish their responsibility. However, the Third Court of Assize in Rome ruled on 14 October that the trial could not be held due to the impossibility of notifying the four suspects they were being tried in absentia, and delivering to them the investigation documents on which the charges are based. Despite repeated requests, Egypt never revealed the place of residence or domicile of the four suspects to Italian authorities, neither through its diplomatic branches nor through the General Prosecutor’s Office in Cairo.

In view of the obstructionism of Egyptian authorities, it is crucial the four National Security agents be informed that the Italian justice system is looking for them, and that criminal proceedings against them are being held. The four Italian court-appointed defence lawyers – Paola Armellin, Filomena Pollastro, Tranquillino Sarno and Annalisa Ticconi – have received the papers relative to the case.

To make it possible, it is important that everyone spread the word to the best of their abilities, that they do so in Arab if they can. Only in this way, after almost six years, will it be possible to hold a trial to determine who is responsible for the brutal murder of an innocent citizen, and, in everybody’s interest, arrive at the truth.

Regeni, the appeal of the lawyer: “Let the names of the four defendants go around”

by Giuliano Foschini


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