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Honda is offering a drastic price reduction after low sales figures

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Honda is offering a drastic price reduction after low sales figures

So far less than 100 copies e:Ny1 on the way.

Do you need an electric car from an established brand with a long driving time and decent range? It was then that e:Ny1 became far more accessible.

KameraStein Jarle Olsen / Tek.no

It may seem that Honda is struggling to sell its new electric car. With less than a hundred registered cars in Norway so far, they reduce the price dramatically.

The most expensive version of the medium-sized crossover is reduced from NOK 409,900 to NOK 299,900. While the more affordable Elegance model gets a slightly smaller discount, from 359,900 to 279,900.

Both models come with the same range and engine, and on a sufficiently warm summer day should have a range of 412 kilometers on a full battery. The car still has some important disadvantages such as the absence of a roof load and the ability to tow a trailer.

A lot of range for the money

Honda says in its press release that availability may be limited, and that the new prices include metallic paint and complete winter wheels.

The price reduction is thus a whopping NOK 110,000 for the most expensive model, and NOK 80,000 for the entry-level model.

Well under NOK 300,000 for a stated WLTP range of over 400 kilometers must be said to be relatively affordable considering the market.

Medium-sized car with a long range? And preferably a Japanese? Nissan Leaf sells and sells in Norway – second most so far this year, with over 447 Leafs on new license plates.


Hard competition

If we look at the competitors, the Mazda MX-30 is still the cheapest regular electric car on Norwegian roads, with an entry price of around NOK 230,000, but then you only get a stated WLTP range of 200 kilometres, and it is wise to remember that the range can be up to halved in winter.

The MG4 starts at around NOK 260,000, but then with a lower stated range of 365 kilometres. It can be had with a longer range, but then costs suddenly north of NOK 300,000. So does the entry-level model of the MG ZS EV.

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The main competitor to Honda’s electric car is perhaps called the Nissan Leaf, which can be had for NOK 285,500 with a range of 397 kilometers – but then you have to pay for winter tires yourself. Both Honda and Nissan are traditional competitors and very established brands in Norway and the world.

Not exactly common property

The Honda e:Ny1 is possibly as rare to see on the road as the name is to pronounce on the first try.

According to the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), and colleague Stein Jarle who looked it up, only 15 of the cars have been registered this year. In the whole of 2023, 82 were registered.

If you hurry, you may be among the first hundred customers who own the new electric Honda. The number of registrations so far probably also includes a number of demobiles at the various dealers.

Was it too late?

In our test drive of the car, we concluded that it may have hit the market a little late compared to other electric cars. Because here there is no room for either a trailer or a roof load.

The battery also lacks preheating, which can mean that rapid charging is slow in winter if you have not warmed it up with plenty of driving ahead.

A lot of equipment after all

There is a lot of equipment on this car that you otherwise have to pay a lot for. Adaptive high beams are standard on both trim levels. A reversing camera and heated seats are also included.

If you upgrade from Elegance to Advance, you also get an electrically motorized tailgate and a panoramic sunroof. Parking assistant with extended parking camera is included.

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