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How to Blur Chat on WhatsApp Web, So No One Gets Curious

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How to Blur Chat on WhatsApp Web, So No One Gets Curious

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WhatsApp is still one of the world‘s favorite messaging applications.

This application has also been in demand by tens of millions of users. WhatsApp is a favorite because of its ease of use.

Apart from that, WhatsApp is also equipped with several features that make it easier for users to send messages or make calls.

Now, not only can it be used on cellphones, WhatsApp is also available on devices such as tablets, laptops or computers via WhatsApp Web.

But what WhatsApp Web lacks is a matter of privacy. People can easily see the contents of messages on WhatsApp, causing user inconvenience.

However, there is a solution to overcome this, namely by blurring the chat or blurring the message.

How to Blur Chat on WhatsApp Web

1. Open the web store page on the Google Chrome desktop application with the following link:

2. Type “Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web” or “WA Web Plus for WhatsApp” in the search field, then download and install.

3. Select ‘Add to Chrome’ in the top right corner of the desktop screen.

4. Settings for the Google Chrome extension as desired.

5. Open the site and log in to WhatsApp Web.

6. Click the extension that has been downloaded and installed by Google Chrome.

7. The blur chat feature can be activated via Alt + X and the WhatsApp Web display will be blurry.

8. To read blurry messages, just hover your cursor over the chat and the display will automatically return to normal or the blur will disappear.

Good luck.

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Also watch the following video:

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