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How to plant pomegranate in a pot: complete step by step

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How to plant pomegranate in a pot: complete step by step

Learn how to plant pomegranates in a pot and grow your own delicious fruits full of health benefits.

Have you ever imagined yourself picking fresh pomegranates directly from your own vase? Well, know that this is possible! The pomegranate is a delicious fruitfull of health benefits, and best of all, it can be easily grown at home, even if you don’t have one. spacious garden.

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Originally from the Middle East, pomegranate is widely consumed in Brazil in various forms, from juices to salads. In addition to being delicious, it is rich in vitamins A and B, iron and calcium. Check out how to plant this fruit in your own home!

How to plant pomegranate in a pot

1. Separate the pomegranate seeds: Choose healthy-looking fruits and remove the seeds.
2. Dry the seeds: remove all the pulp from the seeds and let them dry for two days.
3. Seed germination: Sow the seeds in soil with substrate and wait for the seedlings to grow.
4. Transplant to larger pots: When the seedlings reach about 40 cm, select the best plants and transplant them into larger pots.
5. Ongoing Care: Follow the care tips to ensure your plants and fruits grow healthy.

How to care for a pomegranate tree in a pot

1. Water properly: Water the plant according to the season, avoiding soaking the substrate.
2. Lighting: make sure the plant receives at least 5 hours of sunlight daily.
3. Pruning: It is not necessary to prune your pomegranate, but remove dead branches to promote healthy growth.
4. Time for the fruits: The first fruits can take up to two years to appear, so be patient and continue taking care of your plant.

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With a little care and dedication, you’ll soon be enjoying fresh pomegranates straight from your own home!

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