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in Milan you download at 400Mbps

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in Milan you download at 400Mbps

AGCOM published the results of the study conducted in collaboration with the Ugo Bordoni Foundation on network speed in 45 Italian cities. In “Mobile internet measurement 2023” details of the research are reported based on data collected last year across the country from August 30 to November 22.

Some technical information:

√ verify the performance of systems and networks according to the best possible technology of each operator (best technology)
affected networks: TIM, Vodafone, WindTre (i.e. operators who have achieved at least 50% coverage of the national territory with their own infrastructure. The next surveys will instead take into account the coverage of 50% of the population, as established by AGCOM)

pricing plans:

TIM: TIM 5G Power Smart Vodafone: Mobile Comfort+ with Extra Quality Mobile option (Business) WindTre: Full 5G Easy Pay

smartphone used: Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
measuring instrument: SwissQual SmartBenchmarker, software v. 21.3

Static measurements: when stationary, duration 10 minutes

Dynamic measurements: during movements between one static measurement point and another (urban dynamics); during movements between one transit measurement point (way-point) and the next (urban dynamics); during travel between one city and another (extra-urban dynamics).

The study shows that according to static measurements the average download speed is 339Mbpswhile the uploaded one is 59Mbps. According to urban dynamic measurements the average speeds are 227 e 45Mbps for download and upload respectively.

Below is an extract of the data by city (data relating to the previous year in brackets):

Roma: download 311Mbps (205), upload 50Mbps (40)
Milano: download 406Mbps (357), upload 70Mbps (63)
Napoli: download 290Mbps (251), upload 51Mbps (47)
Torino: download 355Mbps (315), upload 64Mbps (53)
Bari: download 373Mbps (291), upload 63Mbps (53)
Palermo: download 290Mbps (215), upload 54Mbps (43)
Bologna: download 336Mbps (291), upload 54Mbps (43)
Firenze: download 370Mbps (245), upload 65Mbps (49)
Genova: download 324Mbps (277), upload 63Mbps (49)
Verona: download 333Mbps (277), upload 60Mbps (49)


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Opening image credits: Pixabay

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