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Independent videoreporter and director, who is Brent Renaud, killed while filming the escape from Irpin

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Independent videoreporter and director, who is Brent Renaud, killed while filming the escape from Irpin

In a Ukraine now completely battlefield, the first journalist is among the victims: the American Brent Renaud. He turned 51 a month ago. Video journalist, he was shot dead in Irpin, at a checkpoint, while with a colleague, Juan Redondo, he was filming refugees on the run. Renaud was shot in the neck and died instantly while his colleague was transferred to the hospital. In a video on social media you can hear the version of the wounded journalist who tells how Renaud was hit in the neck by bullets. “We were filming the refugees on the run,” he said.

Photographer and director

Together with his brother Craig, also an independent director, Renaud produced among others “Surviving Haiti’s Earthquake: Children”, winner of the du Pont-Columbia Award 2012, awarded together with the New York Times multimedia project “A Year at War” as a example of artistic and interactive storytelling experienced online. Brent has spent the past twenty years producing movies and television shows with his brother. They were known for telling stories of humanity in the hotspots of the world: not just the earthquake in Haiti, also Iraq, Afghanistan, the political unrest in Egypt and Libya, the struggle for Mosul, extremism in Africa, the violence of cartels. in Mexico and the crisis of young refugees in Central America.

In the past he collaborated with the New York Times

In the past, the murdered journalist has collaborated with the New York Times (most recently in 2015). The newspaper itself explained that Renaud, despite having previously collaborated with the Times, was not in Ukraine for the US newspaper. And that the credentials found referred to a mission a few years ago.

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War reporter

There is no theater of war that Brent has not known working not only for the New York Times, but also for the Boston Globe, Nbc, Discovery Channel, Pbs, Vice News. After starting his career as a reporter on the occasion of the attacks of 11 September 2011, Renaud with the filming of him recounted the most dramatic events of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not only that, he also showed the world images of the terrible earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the violence of the drug cartels in Mexico, the Arab Spring in Egypt and the tragedy of migrant caravans in Central America. Works, including some series for the Hbo channel, which earned him and his brother Craig, with whom he had founded the small production company Ranaud Brothers, several international awards. Like the George Foster Peabody Award, intended for excellence in the radio and TV broadcasting sector.

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