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Influencers in need of inspiration ~ dohouatt

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Influencers in need of inspiration ~ dohouatt

Influencers are increasingly catching up. Dry pass. To avoid falling into oblivion, they tackle all subjects. And no matter how. In fact, they only have one leitmotif: more followers, more views, and monetize their often hazardous output.

Surf the news

On October 18, 2023, Ivorian social networks were in turmoil. An Ivorian influencer, Observer Ebony, made a video in which he points out the infertility of Ivorian rapper Didi B and his wife Sarai D’clock. Less than a month later, another Ivorian influencer, Jada Dia does it again. She mocks the former First Lady, newly bereaved by the death of her husband, Henri Konan Bédié, about her depigmentation. She offers to give him lightening products for free. Where is the border between respect for others and the right to say what we want about others?

Graffiti against influencers. Photo credit: Clemens Schmillen / wikimedia commons

Influencer recipe

Today, with smartphones and social networks, we have all become producers of information. Social networks have redesign the world of information; they have unstructured the way we interact with each other. However, with the rise in the monetization of social networks, people who were content to advertise for big brands find themselves forced to surf on affects. What’s better than having a fight with another star who has visibility, to get likes and earn money.

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Quest for profitability

With the monetization of social networks, such as X and Facebook, influencers are constantly at the heart of heated debates. So many of them have transformed their social accounts and their profiles into a real business that generates figures. This in itself is not bad, as it opens the way to economic opportunities. But where there is the drama is that this virtual company has no charter, it obeys no code of conduct.

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Pixabay via WikiCommons

What influencers criticized ?

There are many criticisms that could be made of influencers. Among other things, they are accused of promoting brands that do not respect any ethics and products that have no value. Additionally, the partnerships they have with brands are unhealthy. There is an evil that is plaguing Ivorian society; It’s online betting games. There are many influencers who indulge in this, without taking the trouble to warn the consumer of the risks. This dynamic raises ethical questions and concerns.

The race for followers

For visibility, there are many Ivorian influencers who are ready to do anything. They must buzzer, make people talk about them by all means. In order to achieve this, they inflate grotesque and caricatured debates just to get reactions and be better paid. The race for likes, comments and subscribers makes Ivorian influencers lose all restraint in processing information.

More responsible influencers

The monetization of social networks brings plenty of opportunities, including great financial profitability. However, the rush for subscribers and profitability makes social networks a permissive place where no one’s basic rights are respected. Ultimately, it should be used with more responsibility.

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