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Iranian police announce “severe measures” to force women to wear hijab

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Iranian police announce “severe measures” to force women to wear hijab

There is a need for even more violence to force Iranian women to cover their heads and hair, so as to surrender to the regime that wants them without rights or freedoms. Tehran police chief Abasali Mohammadian announced that from today, Saturday 13 April, the police will intervene with “severe measures” against women who do not wear the hijab correctly. The repression of the Revolutionary Guards managed to put an end to months of protests and public demonstrations that began with the death of Mahsa Amini, a university student beaten to death in September 2002 in a barracks of the Gasht-e-Ershad, the moral police of the Islamic Republic.

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Months of protests and demonstrations, in Iran and in the rest of the world, fought with violence and hangings. Mohsen Shekari e Majidreza Rahnavard they were executed in December 2022 with a guilty verdict for “moharebeh”, the crime of “enmity against God” which acts as a shield and morale for the persecutions of those who contest the leadership of the regime. In October 2023 Armita Geravand16 years old, she was beaten to death by the Iranian police because she was not wearing the hijab: she is seen getting into the subway in the south of Tehran with a friend, with her head uncovered. She emerged unconscious, taken away on a stretcher to die after a month in a coma.

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After Mahsa’s death, the first to take to the streets were the students, ready to symbolically burn their veils or cut their hair in public. Stopped with hundreds of arrests, convictions and persecutions, the attempted revolution of Iranian women has turned into a silent resistance movement: do not wear the veil, show your head uncovered at the risk of your life.

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