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Israel affirmed that there is “possibility of moving forward” towards an agreement with Hamas for the release of hostages

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Israel affirmed that there is “possibility of moving forward” towards an agreement with Hamas for the release of hostages

Benny Gantz, Israeli opposition leader and member of the war cabinet, acknowledged this Wednesday that in recent days the Israeli authorities have received “signals” indicating that there is “possibility of moving forward” towards a new agreement with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas for the release of hostages.

“There are attempts these days to promote a new scheme, and there are initial signs that indicate the possibility of moving forward. We will not stop looking for the way and we will not miss any opportunity to bring them back home,” said the former Israeli Defense Minister during a press conference in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week opposed sending a delegation to a new round of negotiations in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, for the release of hostages. This decision generated discomfort among Gantz and other members of the war cabinet established after the Hamas attacks of October 7.

On the other hand, Gantz stressed that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will launch a new offensive on the city of Rafah once the evacuation of the local population is confirmed, predictably to the north of the enclave.

“We are facing an operation in Rafah that will begin after the population is evacuated from the area. The importance of the purification of Rafah is the ability to harm the Hamas forces operating there and the need to demarcate the Gaza Strip,” said the president of the National Unity party.

Prime Minister Netanyahu reported in early February that he had given the order to the Army to prepare the ground for the evacuation of the population of Rafah as a prelude to a military campaign on one of the few Palestinian cities in which the forces had not yet operated.

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On the other hand, Gantz warned that if a plan for the return of the hostages is not finalized before the month of Ramadan, the Israeli Armed Forces will operate in the Gaza Strip during these holiday dates for Muslims.

“If there is no hostage plan, we will also act during Ramadan. In any situation, we will continue fighting with the necessary intensity until the threat of Hamas is eliminated,” he stressed.

Regarding the Ramadan celebrations and the recent statements by the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, who advocated restricting access to the Esplanade of the Mosques during these dates, Gantz pointed out that the war cabinet is opposed to such an extreme.

According to Gantz, unlike Netanyahu himself, the war cabinet is only considering the possibility of banning access to specific individuals who pose a security threat.

Finally, the war cabinet minister announced that the Israeli authorities are “examining a series of options” so that the humanitarian aid delivered to the Gaza Strip is transferred through “an international administration of moderate Arab countries with the support of United States.”

“We are currently promoting pilot plans to transfer aid through entities, organizations and countries in a way that guarantees that Hamas does not take over it. Our goal and the goal of the donor countries is the same: to help the residents and not the terrorists,” he stated.

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