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“It’s lastly over. Only Palermo is aware of what occurred in Palermo.”

by admin
“It’s lastly over.  Only Palermo is aware of what occurred in Palermo.”

by ilovepalermocalcio.com – 3 hours in the past

Palermo’s season is formally over. With the loss in Venice, Rosanero is out of the playoffs and nonetheless finds itself in Serie B ready for what is predicted to be a very good 12 months for its restoration. Meanwhile, the well-known Palermo comic Stefano Piazza, by way of social media, revealed a publish…

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Disclaimer – Post titled: «Stefano Piazza: “It’s lastly over.” Only Palermo is aware of what occurred in Palermo” appeared 3 hours in the past within the on-line newspaper ilovepalermocalcio.com”.

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