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Ivorian observers in the Senegalese elections… ~ Mondoblog

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Ivorian observers in the Senegalese elections… ~ Mondoblog


Welcome to this new edition of the Mondoblog newsletter.

On the menu of this newsletter:

– a reflection on the presence of Ivorian observers during the Senegalese presidential election,
– sex tourism in Guinea,
– the rise of cosmetic surgery in Africa,
– attachment to one’s land,
– the advent of an era of lies.

Today’s two Mondoblog Audio talk about the importance of preserving nature and the gain for Malian society from highlighting the country’s linguistic diversity.

Good reading and good listening !


🇸🇳 🇨🇮 #Vote #Equity – During the presidential election in Senegal on March 24, hundreds of observers came to supervise the polling stations. An Ivorian NGO, Ramapaix, participated in the observation. An initiative that raises questions aboutAlex TIMAUH. Ivorian nationals to observe a Senegalese election? When we know that the Ivorian elections are far from being impeccable, fair and transparent, this seems really incongruous… The blogger advises this NGO to focus on the Ivorian elections of 2025. Precisely where the need for honest observers will be crucial .

Photo : AMISOM via Iwaria


« Every March 12, Mauritius celebrates the anniversary of its access to independence. However, for many, this independence was paid at a high price: that of the excision of the Chagos archipelago from Mauritian territory. This tragedy still haunts memories. »

Carole, Mauritiuszilmoris.mondoblog.org


#Prostitution #Guinea – Sex tourism involves traveling for sex in exchange for money. This practice is spreading in Guinea, despite the risks to the health and safety of people who prostitute themselves. Alhassane Konah BALDÉ explains that the reasons for this practice vary, from poverty to bad influences. He also emphasizes the risks incurred by those who fall into the trap of prostitution, from which it is difficult to escape. For the blogger, it is becoming urgent for the country to put in place political and social actions to protect and help victims of prostitution and to curb this phenomenon.
🔗 Prostitution and sex tourism in Guinea

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#CosmeticSurgery #Africa – On Instagram and TikTok, cosmetic surgery seduces with sculpted, perfect and flawless physiques. Buttock surgery, for example, is becoming a trend, despite the health risks. More and more African women, under the influence of Western beauty standards, are engaging in this quest for perfection. Bamba OUATTARA calls on governments across the continent to limit these non-essential interventions. For the Ivorian blogger, true beauty lies in self-acceptance and respect for one’s body, and not in social clichés.
🔗 The rise of cosmetic surgery in Africa

#Writing #Illness – For one year, TSE delivery did not write, overwhelmed by a rare illness. His body no longer produced cortisol, while his symptoms were similar to an excess of this hormone. She therefore navigated for months between hypo and hyper-cortisolism, without a clear medical explanation. A very difficult ordeal, but today, finally, she feels a slow improvement. The Togolese returns to writing, seeking to reconquer her lost passions.
🔗 Learn to love what I already love

#Expatriation #Cameroon – In a context of massive brain drain – particularly for Canada – and despite temptations and proposals, Ecclesiastes DEUDJUI remains attached to his land. The political, economic and social difficulties are real in Cameroon, of course, but the blogger believes in his country’s capacity to change. As an entrepreneur and blogger, he feels a responsibility and wants to contribute to this transformation. Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic for the future of Cameroon, particularly highlighting his country’s cultural wealth and its untapped potential.
🔗 I stay in Cameroon

#Infox #Conjuncture – April 1st is a special date… It is the day where falsehood and lies reign. Even non-liars lend themselves to deception. More generally, between laughter and disillusionment, our societies tolerate lies, even in politics. And this is what the Congolese regrets Didier Makal. Some lie lightly, others cruelly, but all thrive on their victims. As long as people do not revolt against lies, fake news and false pretenses, it will continue to thrive.
🔗 We, poor worshipers of infox

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THE Mondoblog Audio (MA) are sound clips that take blog articles from written to spoken. Every week, the Mondoblog team invites a mondoblogger to read one of its articles by recording on their phone. His blog is thus highlighted in the form of a column, halfway between an audio book and a mood post. Find all the Mondoblog Audio on the Youtube channel the RFI.

The summers were bright, vibrant with joy! Despite the wild storms and the oppressive days, we celebrated tirelessly. The captivating music and delicious wine made hearts dance under the glow of the moon and stars. Whether in Puglia, Naples or Calabria, for millennia summer has been a celebration. Today, the challenges are different. Our house is on fire, but we continue to party. The Belgian Tanguy WERA calls for awareness of our connection with nature and the urgency of preserving it.

In Mali, there are a dozen mother tongues. In addition to which there is an official language, French. Mother tongues are generally little written, they are reserved for oral and family use. From north to south, Malians would benefit from discovering the richness of their cultures and languages. A wealth which is a joyful mixture which unites hearts and broadens horizons. Georges ATTINO affirms it: learning from each other is a priority! Each word learned is a spark of connection and understanding.


A workshop for making reusable sanitary napkins in Cotonou. To combat menstrual poverty which affects many women, an initiative to produce napkins at a lower cost has emerged in the Beninese economic capital.

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You can populate this image bank with your snapshots taken in Africa.

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