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Johannes Thingnes Bø towards victory in the normal distance in the Biathlon World Cup – Dagsavisen

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Johannes Thingnes Bø towards victory in the normal distance in the Biathlon World Cup – Dagsavisen

Thingnes Bø missed once on the first prone shooting, but with a full house on the other three, no one could match the Norwegian’s time at the finish line. He was by far the best in track time.

– It was a great race once again. I was very involved in every pitch. I balanced it well and had very good skis. I could go fast every lap and didn’t really get tired, said Thingnes Bø to TV 2.

He also thanked his wife Hedda Dæhli Bø on Valentine’s Day.

With the victory, he defended the gold in the normal distance after his victory last year, and took with it his WC gold number 19. Stryningen is now just one gold short of equaling Ole Einar Bjørndalen’s record of 20 WC triumphs.

Double Bow

Big brother Tarjei finished closest to Thingnes Bø, 58 seconds behind with one shot.

– I will remember this forever. It’s biathlon at its best and worst. You should only know how terrible it is to stand at the last shooting in the medal match, said Tarjei Bø to TV 2.

He got revenge after he shot himself away from a medal at the start of the hunt with as many as four misses on the last shoot.

– I haven’t thought about much else than that series in recent days. Today I decided to stop the internal whining, he continued.

– The world‘s best biathlon family has done it again, said TV 2 commentator Marius Skjelbæk.

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German bronze

German Benedikt Doll secured the bronze and stopped Norway’s total dominance in the championship. The Norwegian men had seized all individual medals before Wednesday’s competition.

Norwegian biathletes have won three straight WC gold medals at the normal distance. In 2021, Sturla Holm Lægreid became champion, while Thingnes Bø, as mentioned, won last year.

Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen missed only once, but did not have the day on track. He finished almost five minutes behind Thingnes Bø.

Boom shot

Lægreid shot flawlessly in the first three series and fought for a medal until the last one standing. There were two barriers for the bearing, which could not assert itself in the tight layer.

Endre Strømsheim stopped on one shot, but he didn’t have the speed needed for a medal either. He was 5.09 minutes behind the countryman at the top of the results lists.

Johannes Dale-Skjevdal was in the medal fight for a long time, but four misses in the last standing shooting spoiled his chances.

On Thursday, there is a mixed pairs relay in the Czech Republic. The championship ends with a relay and joint start at the weekend.

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