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Juliane Werding went into hiding 15 years ago – now there are signs of life from the Schlager star

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Juliane Werding went into hiding 15 years ago – now there are signs of life from the Schlager star
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    Juliane Werding rehearsing for an MDR show in 2008. A year later she retired from the stage. © Scherf / Imago

    Juliane Werding was once a big hit star, but retired in 2009 to pursue a middle-class life in Starnberg. Now there is a sign of life.

    Starnberg – Your hits will never be forgotten. Celebrated with songs like “If you think, you think, then you just think, you think”, “Night Full of Shadows”, “Voices in the Wind” and of course “On the day Conny Kramer died”. Juliane Werding Great successes in the 70s and 80s, as a pop star of a slightly different, more thoughtful kind. But what is the 67-year-old actually doing today? The public doesn’t know that.

    Juliane Werding went into hiding in Starnberg – in 2010 she didn’t rule out a comeback

    It is known that who was born in Essen and withdrew from the limelight in 2009 to pursue a middle-class life and work as a naturopath in Starnberg. She had previously updated her knowledge through further training for three years. A Juliane Werding concluded the comeback Starnberg Mercury not out in 2009. “You should never say never,” smiled the singer, “if you have been infected with the Musicus virus, there is no cure.”

    Juliane Werding in 2009 in her former practice in Starnberg. © Kolja Warnecke

    Juliane Werding: What she is doing today is not known

    But there has been no return to date. What’s more: It is impossible to find out what Juliane Werding is doing today, how she is doing, what her job and her private life are doing. And whether she still lives in Starnberg. It does not operate official social media channels, there is no contact address and no management is known. Her personal homepage has disappeared from the Internet; in 2018 it still said: “Juliane Werding now works as a homeopath. In order to be able to fully concentrate on the work for the patients, she will not be releasing any CDs or taking part in any tour dates, TV appearances or interviews for the time being.” Accordingly, a query from our editorial team once remained unanswered.

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    Surprising sign of life! Greetings in new CD by Juliane Werding

    But now there is a surprising sign of life. By no means one of the conventional nature, but rather by way of a greeting. Juliane Werding was persuaded to release a CD. It’s one with archive material, but it contains 38 songs: “Touching Life” is the name of the double album that was released on February 23rd. The fans are not only happy about the publication itself, but also because it contains personal, new words from the pop singer. “It arrived today, the CD with greetings from Juliane Werding,” writes a supporter in a fan group Facebook. It shows a photo collage of the album cover and the greeting.

    Juliane Werding’s followers are also happy about the sign of life: This photo collage ended up in a Facebook fan group. © Facebook

    Juliane Werding writes: “Dear ones, I normally don’t like compilations that much and sometimes react a bit bitchily to requests. But I really like this compilation because the songs that I worked on with Harald Steinhauer (composer and producer, editor’s note) are really close to my heart. The whole team at Artists & Acts was just great! I’m looking forward to hearing the songs all in a row now.”

    “Beautiful and difficult things”: Juliane Werding expects flashback with new compilation

    By the way, it is by no means a greatest hits compilation, some songs are rather unknown, individual evergreens like “Sehnsucht ist inheilbar” or “Voices in the Wind” at least made it onto the compilation as bonus tracks. Werding has not forgotten her time as an active musician, she continues to write. “Of course the pictures from the time in the studio will appear and everything else that happened in our lives… beautiful and difficult things. I am excited. Let’s go on the journey together. Your Juliane.”

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    Undated photo by Juliane Werding: This is how many people still remember her. © Frinke/Imago

    The sentences actually come from the singer, the record company confirms to More Music Schlagerprofis.de. “The greeting in the booklet comes from Juliane Werding, it is her choice of words,” it says. It’s definitely a welcome surprise for the fans. “Finally, for many years, a sign of life from our Juliane in the greeting. But there could have been more photos,” writes a fan Facebook.

    Another probably speaks from the soul of the followers: “It’s a shame that she has withdrawn from the music scene. In any case, I will remember her fondly.” Mark Medlock had also been in hiding for years – but now the DSDS winner is suddenly making his name known, complete with a photo. (lin) Sources used: Storage of juliane-werding at archive.org, Facebook, CD track list, schlagerprofis.de, tz.de.

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