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killed two brothers-in-law, the father-in-law was constituted

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killed two brothers-in-law, the father-in-law was constituted

Naples, June 8, 2023 – He set himself up Raffaele Caiazzothe father-in-law suspected and wanted for the double homicide in Sant’Antimo, in the province of Napoli: the victims Luigi Cammisa and the 24-year-old Maria Brigida Pesacanethey were brothers in law.

He and she were killed in different places, but immediately the two murders seem connected. The shadow of the family crime is among the tracks followed by the investigators who in the hours following the crimes are looking for a suspect, it is Raffaele Caiazzo, 44 years old from Caserta, he is the father-in-law of the two young people. This morning he left there manhunt even with a helicopter, the prosecutor had released the photo of Caiazzo who then turned up in the carabinieri barracks of Gricignano di Aversa (Caserta) Raffaele Caiazzo. The military are transferring him to the barracks of the Giugliano company in Campania.

For now, the man has not confessed or found the weapon used in the crime. Caiazzo allegedly did it all by himself, first hitting Cammisa in the street while the 29-year-old was probably going to work, and then, according to a sequence of blood, his daughter-in-law.

Raffaele Caiazzo, the photo released by the Naples prosecutor’s office. The man is wanted for the double murder of Sant’Antimo

The carabinieri of Giugliano’s company intervened this morning in Piazzetta Sant’Antonio to report gunshots. On the spot, on the ground, was the corpse of 29-year-old Luigi Cammisa hit by several shots.

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At the same time, the soldiers intervened in an apartment in via Caruso 17. Inside was the body of Maria Brigida Pesacane, 24 years old, she too had been fatally shot by several shots. Investigations are underway by the carabinieri of the Giugliano company and the investigative unit of Castello di Cisterna.

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The rumors chased each other in the small town in the province of Naples. And for the father-in-law, suspicions were a reason for hatred, for rancor, a worm. He would revolve around one alleged extramarital affair the motive that led to the double homicide this morning. Second Raffaele Caiazzo, Louis and Maria Brigida were lovers. However, the two were also her son-in-law and her daughter-in-law, married to her children, Anna and Alfredo. Between the couples there would have been already several quarrels in the past.

Construction worker, 29 years old, Luigi Cammisa he was married to Anna, the daughter of Caiazzo, a relationship that began in 2012. The couple had two children aged 2 and 7. The lifeless body of the 29-year-old was found at 6.30 in the morning in Piazzetta Sant’Antonio: Luigi had just left the house, he was on his way to work when he was killed with several pistol shots.

In the same minutes, the carabinieri intervened in an apartment in via Caruso 17, a short distance from piazza Sant’Antonio. It is the house where Maria Brigida Pesacane she lives with her husband Alfredo, son of Caiazzo and ai two children aged 2 and 4. The couple had met in 2015. When the military arrives for Maria, 24, there is nothing left to do: she too was shot dead while the children were at home, they shot her while she was in the bathroom. The children were still asleep, but they heard the blows and are now in shock.

Stride contrast between banners for the Napoli scudetto and corpse Stride, in Sant’Antimo, in Piazzetta Sant’Antonio, the contrast in the street still decorated in party for the scudetto of Napoli while on the ground is the corpse of Luigi Cammisa, covered with the usual golden sheet used in these circumstances.

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To make the scene even more dramatic the cries of women, relatives and acquaintances of the victim, who continuously shouted the name. Then, the victim was taken away from the hearse.

Still mourning and pain in Sant’Antimo, in the same city north of Naples where Luigi and Maria Brigida were killed this morning, a torchlight vigil for Giulia Tramontano, the 7 months pregnant girl killed by her partner Alessandro Impagnatiello in Senago in the Milanese area, it was in fact originally from Sant’Antimo. The event will start from the Villa Comunale Del Rio, will descend along via Roma and will end in Piazza della Repubblica. The two facts are not connected to each other.

“We find it hard to conceive of crimes like that of Giulia, but also the folly of those who kill their daughter-in-law in the house where their grandchildren are”, commented the evening President of the Region Vincenzo De Lucaby participating in the torchlight procession. “Violence, violence, always and only violence” – says the parish priest don Salvatore Coviello, who knew Giulia well but not the victims of the double homicide, originally from the nearby town of Casandrino. “We recover from one tragedy and soon another comes along. This double homicide – the priest vents – is the result of a social and economic degradation; here one survives and there is also a lot of ignorance, given that it is hard to get the children to school. I remind you that in Sant’Antimo there isn’t a restaurant, there isn’t a cinema, a theatre, there isn’t any meeting place for citizens”. Also very tried mayor Massimo Buonanno, which speaks of “a very serious fact, which saddens us even more”. “The city – she says – woke up in dismay on the very day we organized the torchlight vigil for Giulia. Unfortunately in Sant’Antimo there is still a lot to be done to sensitize citizens to a general culture of legality. And the parish priest is right when he says that there is a lack of meeting places; for this reason, in recent months we have reopened the municipal villas that were closed”.

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