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Kim Jong-un provokes the US and Seoul and fires three missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan: “Never so close to the coast of South Korea”

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Kim Jong-un provokes the US and Seoul and fires three missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan: “Never so close to the coast of South Korea”

Tension is growing on the Korean peninsula. In the last few hours Kim Jong-un has decided to launch three short-range ballistic missiles in the Sea of ​​Japan, one of which flew across its de facto maritime border with South Korea. In response to the missile launches made today by Pyongyangthe Seoul military report that their country he threw three «precision air-to-surface missiles»In the waters north of the inter-Korean maritime border. The South Korean army claimed to have thrown the weapons into waters “near the Northern Limit Line at a distance corresponding to the area” where those tested today from the North ended up. never so close to the territorial waters of the South.
The operations, the Joint Staff Command added in a note, showed that Seoul intends to respond “firmly against any kind of provocation”. The answer came closely from the very heavy judgment expressed by the South Korean army which denounced the launches of North Korea – at least ten according to the findings of Seoul -, including one defined as “intolerable” and ended up in an area close to the waters. territories of the south for the first time since the division of the peninsula into two parts, which occurred over 70 years ago.

What happened in the last few hours
Earlier in the day the North launched three short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan, one of which departed from the Wonsan area. which flew across the de facto maritime border with South Korea, according to Seoul surveys. “THE North Korean missilesfor the first time since the division of the peninsula, they landed near our territorial waters south of the Northern Limit Linewith an intolerable move “, the Command said, assuring that” our soldiers have promised to respond firmly to the provocation “.
One of the three short-range ballistic missiles fell into the sea 26 kilometers south of the maritime border, in an area 57 km east of the eastern city of Sokcho and 167 km north-west of the island of Ulleung. headed right to the island before ending up in internationals, prompting local authorities to a rare air alarm. The sirens sounded a Ulleung around 8.55 local (0.55 in Italy), sending residents to find protection in basements and shelters. The latest provocation from the North came while Seoul and Washington are holding joint maneuvers “Vigilant Storm”, Involving more than 240 aircraft in an attempt to strengthen the deterrent position against threats from the North that could soon also conduct its seventh nuclear test.

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North Korea’s threats, if the US and Seoul use force
North Korea has threatened to use nuclear weapons to make the US and South Korea pay “the most horrible price in history” should they resort to force, in a rhetorical escalation against ongoing large-scale joint military maneuvers. of Washington and Seoul. In a note released overnight by the KCNA, Pak Jong-chon, a secretary of the Workers’ Party and a close associate of leader Kim Jong-un, called the maneuvers “aggressive and provocative”. The North, defining as “warnings»Its multiple missile launches, targeted maneuvers that started on Monday involving 240 warplanes.
“If the United States and South Korea attempted to use force against us, the special forces of the DPRK Army would immediately carry out their assigned strategic mission and the United States and South Korea would have to face a terrifying event and paying a terrible price, ”said the official, according to the KCNA. Washington and Seoul “need to keep in mind that taking this as a simple warning would be a huge mistake under the current circumstances,” Pak added.
The North Korean official challenged the US defense strategy and the recently approved nuclear posture review, in which the US Department of Defense claimed that a Northern nuclear attack against the US or its allies would result in the “end” of the Pyongyang regime. “What is clear is that the ongoing joint air exercise, resumed after a five-year gap, is a provocation,” Pak concluded.

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