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Kim Jong-un’s unprecedented weight loss: a sharp chin and a loose coat | weight loss | burst thin | weight

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[Epoch Times August 31, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian comprehensive report) In the publicity video released by North Korea this week, the leader of the country, Kim Jong-un, looks thinner than ever, with excess skin on his neck sagging , The coat hangs loosely on the body. This once again aroused the attention of the outside world.See the video here

According to a news released by the official media “Korean Central News Agency” on August 31, Kim Jong-un attended a public meeting on the 30th to meet with the country’s “young people working in rural areas” and took photos with them. In this celebration, Kim Jong-un appeared on the national television and stood with hundreds of children.

In the video, Jin was significantly thinner, his signature big belly and round face disappeared, especially around his chin, where the original double chin became loose folds. The 37-year-old Kim Jong-un is wearing a white jacket. The space between his neck and collar has become “spacious”, and his tight clothes have become looser.

Photos earlier this year showed that Kim Jong-un seemed to have lost dozens of pounds, but now he is slimmer.

However, there are reports that Kim Jong-un may have installed a gastric band to alleviate his overweight problem caused by overeating. Prior to this, Kim Jong-un was known for his alcoholism and smoking. In recent years, his weight seems to have increased steadily. Last year, it was estimated that he had gained another 20 pounds, bringing his weight to about 305 pounds.

However, since June, Kim Jong-un has appeared in a thin and thin image. On June 25, North Korean state media reported an interview with a Pyongyang citizen. He said, “Seeing (Kim Jong Un) becoming so thin, all of us are very sad.”

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Kwak Gil Seob (voice), head of the North Korean affairs website One Korea Center, told the BBC that the Pyongyang regime “will never allow the release of negative news about Kim Jong-un”-meaning that the clip was broadcast “to show that Kim Jong-un himself is taking the initiative. Weight loss”.

The “Daily Mail” quoted Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of Korea Studies, as saying that Kim Jong-un’s recent weight loss is unlikely to be due to a serious illness because he participated in several public events this month.

“No one can really know why he lost weight,” he told AFP. “It’s obvious—from the lens of KCTV (North Korean state media)—that the regime wants the world to think that the North Korean people love their leader and do it for him. Leaner and crying.”

Chad O’Carroll, CEO of the Seoul-based Korean Venture Group, said: “In my opinion, they mentioned the most likely cause of his weight loss, or it may be related to the ongoing and COVID- 19 (Chinese Communist virus) border measures are related.” “Regardless of Kim Jong Un’s motivation to lose weight quickly, the propaganda seems to indicate that the North Korean leader is also starving.” He analyzed.

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