Home World [Let’s put this photo on file]There is no silver 300 taels here?Current Party and State Leaders Have Completed Domestic New Crown Vaccinations – China Digital Times

[Let’s put this photo on file]There is no silver 300 taels here?Current Party and State Leaders Have Completed Domestic New Crown Vaccinations – China Digital Times

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[Let’s put this photo on file]There is no silver 300 taels here?Current Party and State Leaders Have Completed Domestic New Crown Vaccinations – China Digital Times

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title:[Let’s put this photo on file]There is no silver 300 taels here?Incumbent party and state leaders have completed domestic vaccination against COVID-19
author:China‘s digital age
Date of publication:2022.7.23
Subject classification:Domestic vaccine
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On July 23, Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that my countrycurrent jobBoth party and state leaders have completed the new crown vaccination, and the vaccinations aremy country’s domestic vaccine

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However, the news has fully opened comment review on the Weibo platform. After testing, the news comment areas of multiple V accounts have been closed:

Global Times comment area:


Dr. Lilac comment section:


Southern Weekend comment area:


According to anonymous revelations by netizens, starting from July 2022, many places in China have begun to enforce the promotion of new crown vaccination. For example, the vaccination status of family members over 60 years old is counted for civil servants, and it is required to meet the internally specified vaccination rate, no special circumstances are required. Unified vaccination. However, due to the lack of confidence in the domestically produced new crown vaccine, the policy has been passively resisted to a certain extent, and the progress has been extremely slow. The release of this official news may be intended to strengthen the “vaccine confidence” that people originally lacked.

On July 14, the neighborhood committee of Lane 1320, Linfen Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, without notifying their families, went to their homes to inject new crown vaccines for 98- and 92-year-olds. Eventually, the old man’s body became abnormal, the underlying disease attacked, and the doctor issued a critical illness notice.Related Reading

The following are excerpts from the comments of netizens by the editor of China Digital Times:

Sodian: Then you are opening the door to the country! ! ! ! ! Should we resume international flights without opening the country? ?

Little Treasure Mama is on the way to fitness: My husband and they are all forced to play and do not play district-wide notifications.

hahahahalaughing: I just finished the vaccination.

Shrimp eating dried shrimp: what logic? Leadership at a higher level? Shouldn’t they be vaccinated first?

ChuYang_Journ: None of the 592 comments in the Global Times comment area can be selected…

Miles_yyy: Did you fight against Mailang?

milesmolly2008: We all know that you are cracking down on fakes, while the common people are fighting for real. Can’t be fooled to send this kind of news?

madelinetin1: First of all, when the vaccine was administered abroad, there were various rumors in the domestic media that the vaccine was fatal, the mouth was crooked, and leukemia was the case. Secondly, both Biden and Pelosi have played a very good role in demonstrating their own sleeves, but even a shitty street director in China does not disclose the situation of his vaccine administration, so how can he convince the public. Once again, the closure of the city is an addiction, even if people like us who were vaccinated at the first time were all ridiculed by those around us who were unwilling to get vaccinated.

nd4ZqOY1wXL7pmv: In normal countries, many people do not dare to fight. Leaders should fight to stabilize people’s hearts. Why did the people announce it after the leadership was over?

gdwmkoala: So the question is, who did Hu Xijin call for the 100 million doses?

loseruever: Whether the vaccine works is another question. As long as you insist on clearing, you don’t need vaccines! This is the fundamental problem. If the decision is not clear one day, it is the most cost-effective way to get vaccinated one month in advance.

theBlaguer: If it’s just vaccinated then it’s just trusting?

zhouchengzai: I’m just thinking: I don’t own my own deposits in the bank, so what can I believe?

Dannis33122796: Do you mean compulsory vaccination when you say that there is no way to tell the truth from the fake?

KimTaiShou1: Specially speaking, there must be a fight without a fight.

ijIztfKB5uRzF6Z: It’s obvious that their insiders have stopped fighting. These people are so stupid that they have to jump out and say it. Anyone with brains knows that they have stopped fighting.

wimi_ttc: I have not approved the import of vaccines after thinking about it.

every_glance: The leaders have been vaccinated, and they have high confidence in my country’s vaccines. When will it be opened? When can we stop nucleic acid? If not, where is the trust, where is the confidence, and what is it for?

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