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“Libreria il Fumetto”: a journey through time in the comic book shop in Aosta

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“Libreria il Fumetto”: a journey through time in the comic book shop in Aosta

For a comics enthusiast, the sacred place in which to find one’s Holy Grail is the comics shop, a magical, almost dreamlike place, a kind of Dangerous where the essence of knowledge presides.

Shops, it is very simplistic to call them that, as despite being commercial activities, they display mystical knowledge ranging from comics to manga, from Italian to Franco-Belgian comics, without disdaining anyone. Today it is easy to find them in every city and even in towns, they have always been points of reference for enthusiasts, as a meeting place to exchange views and opinions and receive reading advice from the managers.

The concept is that now they are no longer such particular “entities” but some have continued to maintain a charm all their own and unaltered by time, in which the dust of time marks the various releases of the books, almost becoming places of pilgrimage between historical titles and others forgotten in the mists of decades, of periods that marked the adolescence of many.

A place with an almost mystical connotation is located in Aosta, in via Sant’Anselmo 41, no sign, just a wooden easel, in front of the entrance which indicates, with some posters and the words “Libreria il Fumetto” that here there is a activity linked to the ninth art, to confirm the name of the comics shop we asked the interested party who confirmed it: “Libreria il Fumetto”, short, concise that leaves no room for any type of misunderstanding, comics works are sold here .

Upon entering you are immediately immersed in a place that we could define as the land of plenty, comics of all genres and times arranged everywhere, in piles along the corridor, positioned on the shelves, inside the display cases or submerging the cashier and the owner. himself, very helpful, competent and passionate in the search for the title that the buyer wants to purchase.

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In short, we are not in those places all in order, all cool, the beautiful exits in front as soon as you cross the entrance, where the oldest backlog is from last year. Here you are involved in a whirlwind of everything that the Italian market has managed to publish over decades. Furthermore, on the walls are sketches of heroes made by the authors themselves; walking in this environment is like being in a museum, in a historic library, where you can indulge in research, including new releases, rare or old issues.

This is what a comic shop should be, if you are in Aosta pay us a visit.

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