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live stream sul 5G con Swisscom

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live stream sul 5G con Swisscom

The best Swiss network contributes to the safety of the athletes in what is the most demanding race on the Alpine peaks. The creation of a temporary mobile network in the high mountains is the responsibility of the specialized Telecom general staff of the Swiss Army.

Swisscom has been a partner of the Patrouille des Glaciers (PdG) for 20 years and is celebrating this anniversary with a live stream broadcast from over 3000 m above sea level on its 5G network.

For the first time in Europe, a live stream will be broadcast on the 5G network from altitudes of over 3000 m above sea level. In collaboration with the specialized Telecom general staff of the Swiss Army, in addition to covering the entire route with 4G, Swisscom has strengthened the service in first and last kilometers also integrating 5G.

The live stream will be broadcast via 5G on blue TV, Canal9 and, new this year, on RTS.
The race will take place on Saturday 20 April and it will be possible to follow it in diretta su blue Zoom, Canal9, RTS 2 e Play RTS. Swisscom is proud to make all this possible thanks to the performance of its network, the best in Switzerland, demonstrating that even in mountain regions Swisscom offers the best and most innovative network.

A twentieth anniversary to celebrate

Swisscom has been a partner of the PdG for 20 years and in the last ten editions, in collaboration with the specialized Telecom general staff of the Swiss Army, it has been responsible for setting up a mobile network along the entire route. The objective is to improve the safety of all athletes and organizers, but also to provide them with the best network in Switzerland at over 3000 m above sea level

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Between base stations, antennas, repeaters and other telecommunications equipment, on the eve of the event the Air Forces must transport approximately three tons of material to high altitude. Setting up and using the network at these heights is a major challenge, which puts a strain on both the people and the equipment itself.

Furthermore, the Swisscom app “Patrouille des Glaciers” can be used again, which allows you to closely follow the athletes’ exploits. In addition to live-tracking, the app offers 360° images of the entire route.
The app can be downloaded for free inApp Store e Play Store.

For live television, Swisscom and Canal9 collaborate with RTS for the first time, which participates in the co-production of this edition, in particular with a joint commentary at the finish line.

The myth of the PD in a documentary

The Patrouille des Glaciers takes place every two years. It is organized by the Swiss Army and carried out in collaboration with the Patrouille des Glaciers Foundation. Since 2004, Swisscom has contributed with innovative solutions to the safety of all participants and those involved, and this year for the third time it will allow the show to be followed live on TV, on the internet and via apps. The PdG was created during the Second World War to test the resistance of soldiers. The race was then temporarily banned after a tragic accident in 1949 cost the lives of three people. The competitions resumed in conditions of maximum safety in 1984, bringing back into vogue an event that remained legendary for years.

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This year a documentary will immortalize the myth of the PdG. After following months of preparations, the crew will also film the race and the dismantling operations on the event sites. The documentary will be released in autumn 2024.

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