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Looking for man with gag ball and tights

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Looking for man with gag ball and tights

Recently, a man wearing pink tights and a so-called gag ball has scared young girls and women in Sandnes.

Now the police are looking for him.

Varsler with crisis: – A sad day

Superintendent of Police Sven Arne Oftedal in the Sør-Vest police district says the following to Dagbladet:

– It has been reported that a man is said to have dressed in what is perceived as female attire and performed with a partially covered face. Descriptions suggest that he has had unpleasant behavior on the bus and has been perceived as intimidating towards younger girls, as well as following some of the girls as they get off the bus.

Oftedal says that the police have now opened criminal proceedings, and that the matter is under investigation.

On February 15, the eleven-year-old girl Audrii Cunningham left home to catch the school bus. The girl, on the other hand, never made it to the bus or school that day. Video: Dagbladet TV Show more

– The children are scared

In several local Facebook groups, residents have recently expressed great concern about the man, who is often observed on buses in the local environment.

A concerned man from Sandnes, who does not want his name in print, says the following to Dagbladet:

– My children are afraid to take the bus because of rumors about a person with tights and a gag ball under a scarf or collar. He shows off the gag ball to young girls – something they don’t really appreciate.

SCARY: One of the many Facebook posts about the man. Photo: Screenshot Show more

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Showing it off

In a post in the open Facebook group Bogafjell Districtone resident writes, among other things, this:

“There is a guy who takes the bus around Bogafjell/Håbafjell and especially scares girls. Moves around on the bus to sit near them, etc. He covers his entire face except for the eyes, but likes to pull the scarf down in front of his mouth and show off the ball of his mouth/gag ball he’s wearing. He wears a white coat, tights and a miniskirt and Uggs.”

CONCERNED: Several residents have posted Facebook posts about the man. Photo: Screenshot Show more

– Unpleasant behavior

Police Superintendent Oftedal says that “incidents” inside bus 27 at Bogafjell were reported on Friday 16 February at the latest.

– In this connection, it is desirable to have information and a description if others have made observations of this person. This can be reported to the police on 02800, he concludes.

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