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Loredana Lecciso at I Fatti Vostri: “Al Bano? Wedding canceled for family reasons”

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Loredana Lecciso at I Fatti Vostri: “Al Bano? Wedding canceled for family reasons”

Written by Simona Tranquilli, on February 14, 2024, in Gossip

Loredana Lecciso admitted that she was close to getting married to Al Bano

It couldn’t help but end with confidences about a couple in love, there Today’s episode of the program I Fatti Vostri. Anna Falcons in fact, in the Rai2 square, he welcomed Loredana Lecciso who spoke about her love for Al Bano and their 23 years together. “Now he’s on his way but he says hello to you all”the journalist began live on Rai2, telling on Valentine’s Day that she and her partner came very close to getting married:

“We’ve talked about it in the past, absolutely. There was a moment in our lives when we had taken it into serious consideration, it had been Albano’s idea, then it fell through due to vicissitudes, due to family balances.”

He then continued his story by admitting: “For me it is more important to be with him after 23 years, even though there is no legal agreement. I won’t hide from you that probably at 26 I would have done it, now I don’t feel the need, we’re fine like this, this choice is almost superstitious.”

Al Bano Carrisi’s partner reveals to I Fatti Vostri: “I have learned to live with prejudice”

“Our love was immediate, love at first sight out of the blue”he said Loredana Lecciso today ad Anna Falchi live on Rai2. Continuing then, talking about prejudices:

“At the beginning I didn’t suffer, I was so full of enthusiasm that they slipped off me, it was as if I was wearing a raincoat”.

However, she said that over the years the gossips have hurt her:

“They are annoying things that hurt, I have learned to live with them, distance myself from clichés and learned to live my life naturally, with normality”.

He then praised the singer, who criticized Amadeus recently, saying that he is a very generous person, so much so that he gets involved in social enterprises out of love: “He is generous, he knows that I enjoy social media and he never shies away. If he can make someone happy, he does it and it is a quality that I appreciate very much.”.

Al Bano, his partner says: “We argue but we live everyday life with serenity”

He continued his long journey interview with I Fatti Vostri, Loredana Lecciso telling about his relationship with Albano Carrisi:

“We argue a lot but we live our daily lives peacefully like all couples”.

He then admitted that there is a disparity between the media and their daily lives: “There has always been a difference between media reality and real life. The latter has never deviated much from the common path, the media one was more tormented, it is often more emphasised”.

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