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Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, the rare video of their little son Noè

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Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, the rare video of their little son Noè

Born on February 16, 2023, Noè Roberto Argentero is the little star of the latest Instagram video published by Cristina Marino. A moment of absolute tenderness that even the actress struggles to describe: “I can’t explain it” is the eloquent caption of the images.

Il son of Cristina Marino and Luca Argentero he makes great strides in the social video in which he is seen – strictly from behind – while crawling at supersonic speed on the parquet at home. In the next image, the almost one year old child appears in his father’s arms, kept warm by a duvet and hat. Luca Argentero looks at Noè with a look full of love which, we are sure, made his wife’s heart melt.

“Physically there were a little more complications than expected, but we’re fine” he explained via Instagram Cristina Marino, returning to social media after a few days of postpartum silence. “I am very happy, it is a moment of great joy and love which is also the reason why I was on the run. Because we needed – we need – to enjoy this moment and stay focused on what reality is” she then added, reassuring you about your own health and that of your child.

Noè Roberto arrived like a breath of love and news, expanding the family Marino-Argentero That, on May 20, 2020, he welcomed his firstborn Nina Speranza. It is to her that Luca Argentero dedicated his debut in children’s literature. It will be in bookstores on February 13th Stella Stellina, a very sweet adventure by Nina and Dudù the book written by Luca and illustrated by his sister Francesca. Suitable for ages 3 and up, the book follows the adventures of a little girl who “every evening dives into the covers with her best friend Dudù and makes herself comfortable” and then immerses herself in a parallel way made of magic.

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