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Marcela Fazio signs the Casa da Vila project – MONDO MODA

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Marcela Fazio signs the Casa da Vila project – MONDO MODA

In a charming village in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, the residence renovation project signed by the architect Marcela Fazio surprises by enhancing the original concept of the house. Emphasis was placed on preserving this concept, making modifications only to damaged elements or those that did not meet the needs of the new owners.

Casa da Vila @ Erika Waldmann

Right away, at the entrance, we find a living room with an explosion of colors and furniture from significant design brands such as Lumini, Breton, Arquivo Contemporâneo, LS Selection, Todeschini Gabriel, Estúdio Plume and Fernando Jaeger. This careful selection brings a cozy atmosphere to the setting, leaving any visitor enchanted.

Casa da Vila @ Erika Waldmann

The first phase of the program added a powder room to facilitate well-being on the ground floor of the residence. Furthermore, the closet for the couple and the barbecue located in the building make up the inaugural stage of the project. In the second stage of the layout redesign, the expanded kitchen gained an annex to the dining room, with generous glass frames that provide a stunning view of the lush garden. The former service area gave way to a generous pantry, and occupied an old bathroom.

Casa da Vila @ Erika Waldmann

The residence also underwent structural modifications to both the entrance hall and the roof, demonstrating how intelligent design and creativity can be applied to residential projects, resulting in charming and functional environments, as stated by architect Marcela Fazio.
During the second phase, it was necessary to reinforce the structure of the site before proceeding with the demolition of certain sections of the walls. In the new annex, it was decided to employ an autonomous metallic structure, accompanied by pre-cast concrete slabs. The outdoor space was also redesigned to become a private oasis, a welcoming place for the family to enjoy and welcome their family and visitors.

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Casa da Vila @ Erika Waldmann

The garden has a barbecue area designed to integrate with the house, providing an environment of relaxation and leisure. And, to top it off, a hammock was installed to embrace outdoor relaxation.
It is worth mentioning that this region is also home to the office of architect Marcela Fazio, who created an interesting space where you can work, amidst the green breath of nature, without moving away from your family.

“Casa de Vila is a place where my family can enjoy different situations, from preparing meals to meetings in the dining room, and even relaxing on the swing built by my father for his grandson in the garden”, highlights the architect, highlighting how the space was designed to provide unique moments for residents.

In order to provide a more cozy environment to welcome friends and family, the architect expanded the kitchen in her home. The room was completely renovated, following the open concept and filled with utensils to play master chef with style.
At ‘Casa de Vila’, each room was creatively designed to optimize the space, and the combination of colors, materials and furniture reflects the personality-filled lifestyle of the architect, who is the owner of the property.

About Marcela Fazio Arquitetura

Twenty years ago, Marcela Fazio decided to launch her own brand, driven by a genuine desire to offer a unique approach to solving space configuration challenges, both for individuals and companies.
From the first briefing to the delivery of the final project, the architect closely monitors each stage of the client’s journey. Its greatest satisfaction is to provide truly surprising solutions, creating welcoming environments that become an authentic extension of users, meeting their personal needs.

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Project: Village House
Location: Itaim Bibi, São Paulo
Project size: 200m²
Project year: phase 1 | 2019 | phase 2- 2021
Photography: Erika Waldmann

Joinery: Todeschini Gabriel
Stones: Marmoraria Paulista
Concrete bench: Concrete benches
Barbecue tiles: Lurca
Metal structure: Engenesis
Furniture: Fernando Jaeger, Breton, Novo Ambiente
Porcelain: Portobello
Luminaires: Lumini and Yamamura
Production: LS Selection

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