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Marketingphänomen “Stanley Cup” | MO | 22 04 2024 | 17:55

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Marketingphänomen “Stanley Cup” | MO | 22 04 2024 | 17:55

Thermos flasks and stainless steel cups can be refilled again and again – and are therefore quite sustainable. However, if such cups become a trendy lifestyle product that everyone wants, they quickly lose this bonus. It’s best to come in several colors and special editions so that they match your outfit, or as a collector’s item for the shelf.

This is what happened in the case of the “Stanley Cup”: The thermal cup went viral on TikTok in the last few months and, thanks to clever influencer marketing, became the Holy Grail of the health-conscious GenZ. Daniela Derntl knows more about it.

Open source language model Llama 3 presented

Facebook parent Meta has released its latest language model – Llama 3. It is initially only available in English and is integrated into WhatsApp, among other things. In many comparisons it performs better than established language models, but Llama 3 was trained 95% in English, which may be reflected in the quality of the answers in German and other languages.


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