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Meghan Markle wins on appeal against the Mail

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In court Meghan Markle sank the battleship of British tabloids, the Associated Newspapers group which brings together Mail e Mail on Sunday, also winning the legal battle for the defense of his privacy on appeal. And he took the opportunity for a wide-ranging counterattack against the popular press and its unscrupulous methods often condemned by the courts of the Kingdom. The Duchess of Sussex enthusiastically hailed a victory not only for her but “for anyone else who has ever been afraid to stand up for what is right.” “What matters most is that we are now collectively more courageous to reshape a tabloid industry that conditions people to be cruel and profits from the lies and pain they create,” reads a statement.

In his “j’accuse” he claims to have suffered the effects of “deceit, intimidation and calculated attacks”. A conduct again censured today by the Court of Appeal: the judges have in fact confirmed the sentence passed last February by the High Court, which agreed on all the lines to Meghan in the legal action against the tabloids for having violated her privacy and her copyright with the publication in some articles of the extracts of a private letter sent in 2018 by the wife of Prince Harry in a sad tone to her father Thomas, for some time estranged from her.

“The content of the letter was private when it was written and when it was published, although the applicant apparently realized that her father could have divulged its content to the media,” said today’s ruling. English court judges. Just recently Meghan had to apologize for her forgetfulness, in particular for having misled the High Court on her recollection of the information provided by her collaborators, such as Jason Knauf, former media manager of the Dukes of Sussex, to the authors of their biography. unauthorized, entitled “Finding Freedom”.

The Court of Appeal took note of the mea culpa and stated that “this was, at best, an unfortunate lack of memory” with no consequences on the legal action. For its part, the Mail group defined itself as “disappointed” by the sentence, which also rejects its request to start a full process, and therefore does not stop at the immediate judgment issued against the company by the High Court: according to the terms, he must apologize on the front page and pay a now millionaire compensation for Meghan’s legal fees.

Associated Newspapers however he does not give up and reserves the right to bring the case before the Supreme Court, the British court of last resort. Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry can be satisfied with the important victory in their crusade of complaints and lawsuits (so far all won) against the most hostile press. The declaration of war was launched in April 2020 with the policy of “no comments and no reports”, except in court, towards publishers who publish Mail, Sun, Mirror ed Express, accused of peddling undue “lies, distortions, invasions” in their privacy. Since then the dukes have always kept their promise.

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