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Meta: How to work under Mark Zuckerberg’s “Eye of Sauron”

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Meta: How to work under Mark Zuckerberg’s “Eye of Sauron”

Some Meta employees work under Mark Zuckerberg’s Eye of Sauron. Alex Wong/Getty

The Meta CTO says that Mark Zuckerberg assesses the company’s most important tasks with the “eye of Sauron.”

According to Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, projects “in the fire” provide visibility and invaluable experience.

But it is also good if employees work on less noticeable projects that are just as important.

This is a machine translation of an article from our US colleagues at Business Insider. It was automatically translated and checked by a real editor.

Meta CTO Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth says employees should always try to work on the most important projects. And in meta, that comes with Mark Zuckerberg’s “Eye of Sauron.”

Zuckerberg had already made this allusion in 2022 in the “Tim Ferriss Show“ made. Employees would describe him lovingly. If you haven’t seen “Lord of the Rings”: The Eye of Sauron is the ever-watching gaze of the dark lord that Frodo and his companions must avoid.

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But unlike the fantasy villain’s gaze, Zuckerberg’s eye is actually one, according to Bosworth good Matter. In “Lenny’s PodcastThe CTO explained that the Facebook founder doesn’t overlook even the smallest detail when he lets an employee work on the most important thing.

For example, Bosworth said Zuckerberg could address a strategic issue with one of these projects. But he could also ask whether a single pixel needs to be remade. The CTO described in the podcast that the “Eye of Sauron” is one of two positions you should strive for in your career. If employees have the opportunity to work on the most important project, they should always do so.

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“If it is the most important project, you will get a smaller part. “Everyone wants to be there,” said Bosworth. “Take the part where you can deliver, do great work and grow from it.” According to the Meta-CTO, working “in the fire” is an invaluable experience for employees.

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Surprisingly, Bosworth also recommended working in an area that the company not receives so much attention, but is still very important. According to him, employees should divide their time between these two areas. “As a leader, I promise you: If a giant dam stops the flood, the person holding that dam back will be respected as hell,” the CTO said.

However, both types of projects have their breaking points. If you are exhausted or no longer love the project, you should do something else because you will no longer benefit from it. Bosworth encouraged people early in their careers to try as many things as possible. One should switch from one experience to the next when it becomes boring.

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The Meta CTO said that Zuckerberg helped him gain experience in various areas. Because: It got him to work on projects that otherwise wouldn’t have interested him. “He was able to take me to places in my career that I never thought I could succeed,” Bosworth said.

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