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In the absence of less compelling prospects,

MONDOCANE XII, by Fulvio Grimaldi, on BYOBLU, drags you into the maze of the crackling world ofUNIVERSAL SOLDIER.

And if you want to get to the underworld of the metaverse, you will have to pass through the underworld of a planet strewn with living corpses

Byoblu: Sunday at 21, Monday 12.30, Tuesday 08.00, Thursday 14.30

Don’t you remember? It was the title of that film with Van Damme in which fallen soldiers, stone dead, were recovered, rebuilt and sent back into battle. Something like Frankenstein: chunks of corpses to make a new thug, decelebrated, even more capable of killing and other atrocities.

As I have already told you, the legend of Frankenstein was born in Mary Shelley’s imagination in 1816 and in the same Swiss village where, quite appropriately, Klaus Schwab located the offices of the World Economic Forum, that body of ethical degeneration-depravity- ideological-political-cultural that would like to overthrow the world and humanity in its own cartoon caricature.

Today that project is called Universal Soldier, universal soldier, that is to say: all soldiers, without remedy and without alternative. They reaffirmed it in Davos, they made it sacred in Ramstein with NATO and Crosetto, they provide it with the totalitarian health instruments those of the WHO in Geneva.

It all starts from the end of Bretton Woods, when, in 1944, the dollar was linked to gold, became the emperor of the world and made the USA accumulate, through the sale of its superproduction, the greatest wealth of a nation after the Incas and the golden Aztecs. With Nixon running out of gold in the Vietnam War in the 1970s, the USA got tired of producing and preferred to sit down and buy from others.

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And what is needed. Still in dollars, but no longer drenched in gold, but simply printed, at will, in a frenzy. Result 31 trillion of public debt, a walking default, a country infrastructurally and socially in shambles. Hundreds of trillionaires and billionaires in some sectors kept alive – Arms, banks, pharmaceuticals, communication – the rest of the country in trailer camps on the edge of cities, with desperate expulsions from homes for unsustainable rents.

Solution? 1990s, Samuel Huntingon, the philosopher’s stone of the “Clash of civilizations” and, therefore, the Neocons, democrats and republicans, the Twin Towers as a trigger, the Program for a new American Century (PNAC), with the Pentagon and the Military-Industrial Complex at act as a locomotive. Winning formula: either us, or death.

From there l’Universal Soldier. No longer Van Damme, but all of us. Starting with the war against the Slavs, starting with Serbia and arriving at Russia (control of land mass and energy) and continuing with the war against the Arabs and Islam (control of oil and economic routes). A wreck of a federal state, employed by criminal groups that administer colonies and protectorates and that hangs on to destruction and death in order to still be able to delude itself of being a global master.

The episode MONDOCANE XII deals with the small rooms in which all this sprouts.


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