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Nessie Judge Gets Married, Friends Give Sweet Message

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Nessie Judge Gets Married, Friends Give Sweet Message

Jakarta, Insertlive

Nessie Judge has let go of her single life after officially marrying her lover, Andryan Gama, which was held on Sunday (25/2). Their second wedding was held at Alila SCBD, Jakarta.

Their second wedding took place solemnly with a marriage contract in Arabic. The reason is, both Nessie Judge and her husband have Pakistani and Javanese ancestry from their parents.

Nessie Judge also looked beautiful wearing a white kebaya. Meanwhile, her husband looks handsome in similar clothes.

Of course, Nessie Judge’s happy news received many congratulations from friends and netizens. One of her friends who congratulated Nessie Judge on her wedding was a YouTuber named Bung Korea.

Through uploads on his Instagram, Bung Korea appears to have attended Nessie Judge’s wedding. Korean dude also shared a portrait with Nessie at the wedding.

Accompanying his upload, Bung Korea wrote a sweet message about Nessie Judge’s wedding.

“Sooo happy for you Nasz. I am genuinely happy for you. I believe and hope you two may live the happiest life supporting each other wherever you go. A word for Mr. Andryan, please take good care of Nasz,” wrote Bung Korea in the caption of his upload.

He also expressed his gratitude for being able to attend Nessie Judge’s wedding. Bung Korea also admitted that his tears of joy fell when he saw his best friend officially being proposed to by his idol.

“And THANK GOD there was time for me to come and be at your Akad Nikah. It was my first time having my eyes berglass-glass in a friend’s wedding. I think it shows how precious of a friend you are to me,” he continued.

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Korean dude also said that Nessie Judge was his first married female friend.

“And now that I think about it, you are my first female friend that’s gotten married and for me to attend the wedding! I think if I had a younger sister, it would’ve felt exactly like this morning. May God bless you both. Love you both. Please know I’ll always be there for you both, Nasz and Andryan,” he concluded.


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