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New York, seen from the 23rd floor, is ghostly and unrecognizable

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New York, seen from the 23rd floor, is ghostly and unrecognizable

Smoke suddenly comes to cover the becoming New York skyline unrecognizable and almost ghostly. What I had photographed the day before from the roof of the house, clear and spectacular, the day after with the gray blanket that covers it, becomes yellowish and gloomy. Even the green of Central Parkfrom above the 23rd floor terrace it became sad.

Everything is sad. The reddish sun does not comfort. On the contrary. It’s like feeling inside a muffled environment. Smoke enters homes, hospitals and schools.

the Mayor, Eric Adams, invites you to limit your outings and use masks. They listen to him, because suddenly everyone takes out those colored fabrics that have ended up at the bottom of the drawers. Life is cut short. Student trips postponed. Everything stops and we look at the horizon to find out if the Canada has managed to defeat the 50 or so fires or if the situation is still, as unfortunately they say, out of control.

It is not the first time of smoking in New York. Even when they burned thousands of trees in Californiathey saw him coming. A sneaky enemy that takes your sight and your breath away. You feel trapped and don’t know how to get out. Better keep calm.
Today seems to be better. But she who knows….

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