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News Udinese – Thiago Motta without the striker / Arnautovic stops

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News Udinese – Thiago Motta without the striker / Arnautovic stops

The Bolognese team will have to do without its best scorer. Marko Arnautovic isn’t at his best and he won’t be there against Sottil’s Udinese

Udinese continues to work in view of the next league matches. The first commitment in chronological order is the one that will see Bologna and Andrea Sottil’s bianconeri face off. There is talk of a very high tension match, because the team that loses will have to definitively abandon any possibility of going to Europe. At the same time, two clearly remodeled teams will face each other, given that on one side several players will be missing due to injuries such as the Brazilian Walace, Rodrigo Becao and Nehuen Perez but on the other side of the field there will be another player forced to raise the white flag. We talk about the rossoblù bomber jacket, let’s go and see them all the ultime su Marko Arnautovic.

The Austrian centre-forward has a great desire to be the protagonist right from the start, but since he returned he has had to deal with too many disagreements with the current manager Thiago Motta. After three games spent totally on the bench, the time had finally come for him to return to the field, against Salernitana. The last twenty-five minutes were important not only to see Marko back on the pitch, but also to test his conditions in view of this season finale. Unfortunately for the Bologna team, however, nothing went right because now Marko is forced to stay out indefinitely.

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The injury

The center forward of the Austrian national team had asked to be able to stay a few more days in Austria together with his teammates. This permission was not granted by the rossoblù team. Consequently, now we need to evaluate in the best way his possible return to the playing field, even if the first diagnoses speak of at least a month’s stop. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss all the latest in view of the next championship match. The point on the two teams that will face each other. The latest from the training camps <<

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