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Gym Class and NBA together to add equipment to the app

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Gym Class and NBA together to add equipment to the app

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The developers promise an immersive and social basketball experience through VR technology.

The virtual reality basketball application, Gym Class VR, has entered into a licensing agreement with the NBA that will allow users to play on team-branded courts and customize their avatars with official digital apparel and accessories.

Gym Class VR was launched in 2021 and allows fans to have an immersive, social basketball experience powered by Meta’s Oculus Quest platform.

Specifically, users create a customizable avatar to compete in drills and games with other players, and to complement this, there are a number of community features, such as the ability to compare game statistics.

The game’s physics and motion-based mechanics, including shooting, jumping and sprinting, are based on real physical movements tracked by the Meta Quest hardware which increases the degree of immersion and also offers the ability to get some exercise in as well physical for users.

Partnership with NBA consists of the possibility to purchase an “NBA package” which includes a digital reproduction of the field of their favorite team, together with the official equipment and the game ball. The idea is that the official NBA brand will deepen the sense of realism, improve engagement and generate revenue and new ways to export the brand in the virtual dimension of the Menlo Park giant.

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