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Over time [Poème] |  The librarian

In the wake of time, in 2123,
Our souls rest, united in eternity.
But our dear homes, witnesses of our battles,
Will shelter strangers, in the shadow of death.

The car, once a symbol, will succumb to scrap metal,
The imprint of our lives in oblivion will fade.
Unrecognizable properties, a mystery for tomorrow,
A strange story, in the dark will be witnessed.

Descendants without reference points, our essence forgotten,
The father of grandfathers in silence is relegated.
After the last breath, brief tributes paid,
Portrait on the shelf, oblivion will have included us.

Let us reflect on this race, on the devouring greed,
Looking for a moving life in accumulation.
A moment to think, to change our destinies,
Become new beings, free from past gravity.

In the endless quest, a revealing pause,
Abandoning excess for the real substance to be grasped.
Live, savor the unexplored paths,
Hugs, kisses, pranks, left in the moment.

These forgotten jewels, in the passing life,
Moments of happiness, a vibrant symphony.
Possible changes, introspection required,
Let’s rethink our journey, before the story ends.

Time still present, in the hands of humanity,
Let’s think, let’s transform, before fate.

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