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Palau, WINDTRE’s big data for mobility flows and presence in the area

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Palau, WINDTRE’s big data for mobility flows and presence in the area

The analysis data relating to mobility flows and presences in the area were presented

On 17 May, the analysis data of attendance in the Municipality of Palau was presented in the hall of the municipal council which, thanks to the Big Data Analytics service of WINDTRE, is giving the possibility of optimizing mobility flows to improve the services offered, guarantee greater safety for residents as well as allowing guests, during the tourist period, an even more pleasant experience.

Big Data per Palau

With its more than 4,000 residents in 44 square km of territory, thanks to the scenic beauties such as the emblematic natural monument Palau beara granite rock shaped by the exogenous agentsthe port town represents a seaside reality, in the center of the Mediterranean, which attracts national and international market flows, now consolidated among the most visited Sardinian locations.

During the tourist season, in the space of 8 months, it has a turnover of more than 2 million visits, with daily peaks of over 20,000 in the month of August. The significant number is due to the flow that moves, as well as towards the locality, also towards the island of La Maddalena, of which Palau is the only port of departure and arrival towards the other islands of the archipelago, reachable with organized tours and private boats .

In this context, the possibility of better planning the mobility and territorial control models becomes fundamental to allow the numerous tourists to be welcomed in the best possible way and to introduce all the necessary actions for the safety and protection of the environmental heritage.

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Our partnership with the Municipality of Palau for Big Data Analytics will allow the administration a more in-depth analysis of mobility flows for the benefit of citizens“, he has declared Luke Cardone, Head of 5G & Corporate Solutions of WINDTRE. “The Retail Analytics solution put in place will allow constant monitoring of presence in the area for better planning of services and will contribute to the safety of people and the local environmental heritage”.

Luke Cardone

We have decided to adopt the innovative mobility analysis tool in order to be able to count on reliable scientific data, which allow us to be able to show public, private and entrepreneurs interested in investing in our area what the real flows generated are” ,he had underlined Francesco Giuseppe Mannasindaco in Palau. “These data allow us to understand, minute by minute, what happens in the observation sections of our territory. With the 10 points of interest – identified among beaches, main access routes, traffic to and from the Maddalena archipelago – as well as having the number of unique passers-by and their permanence, we are able to understand their origin, national and European Union, the means used to arrive in Sardinia and for travel, the needs related to surveillance and safety, the needs in terms of waste collection, the improvements to be made in terms of parking. But above all, another fundamental thing, we can also have an analysis of the type of users according to their spending capacity in our area”.

The WINDTRE BUSINESS “Retail analytics” service

The WINDTRE BUSINESS “Retail analytics” service allows you to analyze and enhance the company’s data assets in a short time and in total safety, following a data-driven approach, which helps to develop strategies aimed at optimizing the planning of activities on the territory in a smart city optics.

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