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Persiraja vs Malut United Ends Controversially, Andik Cries

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Persiraja vs Malut United Ends Controversially, Andik Cries

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Duel Persiraja Banda Aceh vs North Maluku (Malut) United in the first leg of the battle for third place in Liga 2 2023/2024 was marred by controversy at Langsa Stadium, Tuesday (5/3). This match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Appearing in front of their own supporters, Persiraja immediately took control of the game from the early minutes.

Persiraja captain Andik Vermansah had the chance to bring the hosts to score first. However, Andik’s attempt was thwarted by goalkeeper Ray Redondo.



North Maluku launched a counterattack in the 40th minute, only for Finky Pasamba’s shot to be blocked by goalkeeper M Fahri.

Without additional goals, the Persiraja vs North Maluku duel ended in a 0-0 draw in the first half.

Arif’s left foot shot in the 59th minute from close range still flew from the North Maluku goal.

Ilham’s left footed shot from inside the penalty box in the 67th minute was blocked by Zikri Ferdiansyah

North Maluku controlled the game and attacked in the middle of the second half. The lack of pressing from Persiraja made North Maluku free to move towards the opponent’s defense.

In the 69th minute, Achmad Basit fired a shot from outside the penalty box, but it was still far from Persiraja’s goal.

Losing possession of the ball made the Persiraja players show hard play. The host must make a foul to stop the movement of the opposing player.

In the 79th minute, Persiraja fans threw bottles at the linesman. That moment occurred when Persiraja controlled the ball.

At that time the linesman had already raised the flag for quite some time. However, the referee did not see it. Therefore, as soon as Persiraja played the ball, the referee only stopped the game after seeing the flag raised by the linesman.

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Not accepting the line judge’s decision, Rizky Yusuf Nasution approached the line judge and made contact. Not long after, the spectators threw mineral bottles into the field.

In the 90+2 minute Almuzani was brought down by Jeong Ho Min in the penalty box. However, referee Cahya Sugandi did not consider the incident a violation for Persiraja.

Suddenly the Persiraja players protested strongly to the referee. Persiraja officials also protested to referee four.

Persiraja captain Andik Vermansah was annoyed because he didn’t get a penalty. Andik even pulled referee Cahya’s shirt. A number of spectators entered the field.

Not accepting the referee’s decision, Andik and a number of Persiraja players cried. Protests from Persiraja caused the match to stop for more than 10 minutes.

The match was stopped by mutual decision. The final score was a 0-0 draw.

This draw means the two teams’ chances of promotion to Liga 1 2024/2025 are equal. The reason is that there is still a second leg which will be held at the Madya Stadium, Jakarta, Saturday (9/3), with Malut United as the host.

Persiraja vs North Maluku Player Lineup:

Persiraja: M Fahri; M Revan, Islom, Zikri Ferdiansyah, Muammar, Agus Suhendra, Yasvani Yusri, Rizky Yusuf, David Laly, Andik Vermansyah, Ramadhan.

Malut United: Ray Redondo; Nirwanto, Saddam Hi Tenang, Achmad Basit, Ilham Udin, Finky Pasamba, M Rafly, Syarif, D Monim, Wilkson, Homin.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


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