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Pete Doherty makes his diabetes diagnosis public: “I lack the discipline”

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Pete Doherty makes his diabetes diagnosis public: “I lack the discipline”

British rock musician Pete Doherty (44) has given up drugs. But now he is facing the next health challenge. However, he lacks the discipline to make the necessary change in life.

In an interview with the Guardian’s Saturday Magazine, the scandalous musician said: “I was Typ-2-Diabetes diagnosed. And at the moment I’m missing it disciplineto get my cholesterol levels under control.” He was just “a bit of a wolverine“.

Pete Doherty: ‘Alcohol, cheese and sugar are just as bad’

The 44-year-old The Libertines singer already has a major health problem Kampf behind. The drug addiction, including crack and heroin, he is said to have overcome three years ago. According to his own statements, he still drinks Alcohol. “I have given up the main poisons and mine Health has himself improved“, he summarizes in the interview. He adds slightly resignedly: “Then you are told that alcohol, cheese and sugar are just as bad and that you were healthier when you were still taking heroin.”

Pete Doherty had previously met documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux (53) for his series “Louis Theroux Interviews” (BBC, November 2023) said that he was “a very sick man“. The musician admitted that he could no longer imagine a long life due to his previous lifestyle and that he believed “that the Death lurks“.

Pete Doherty celebrated his greatest successes with the bands The Libertines and Babyshambles. His relationship made headlines Supermodel Kate Moss (50), to whom he became engaged in 2005. The couple separated in 2007. Doherty has been dating a musician since 2021 Katia de Vidas married. She saved his life, he said. His third child, daughter, arrived in May last year Billie-May Doherty, to the world. He has from previous relationships Musician a son and another daughter.

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Fight type 2 diabetes with the right lifestyle

Diabetes is a lifelong condition in which a person’s blood sugar levels become too high. There are two main types of diabetes: Typ 1in which the body’s own immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce insulin. And Typ 2in which the body does not have enough Insulin produced or the body cells do not respond to the insulin. The risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced through a healthy diet, regular Movement and healthy body weight reduce.

Among the most important Symptoms of diabetes include a strong Feeling thirstymore common urination (especially at night), strong fatigue as well as weight loss and decrease in muscle mass.

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