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Prices at Roland Garros inside the complex | Sports

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Prices at Roland Garros inside the complex |  Sports

This is how prices move in boutiques at the Paris Grand Slam. From Roland Garros MONDA reporter Nemanja Stanojčić.

Source: MONDO/Nemanja Stanojčić

Roland Garros is coming to an end. The greatest attention was certainly focused on the duel between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz, which was played on Friday. Before the final matches, we bring you a topic that interests many. What are the prices inside the complex and what can be bought as a souvenir, memento or gift for loved ones.

To clarify right away, everything you can think of that is related to tennis and the Paris Grand Slam can be found in several boutiques that are spread throughout the complex. Right at the entrance is the biggest boutique of all, and everything can be found there. Hand on heart, not anymore, because in the second week a lot of things disappeared from the repertoire, like certain fridge magnets or backpacks with the Roland Garros sign. “Try to check out the smaller boutiques that are near the other stadiums,” explains one of the workers to a gentleman who is unsuccessfully trying to find a backpack in the said boutique.

Even if you only want to buy trinkets or gifts, save about 100 euros. We saw it on the spot. Small fridge magnets with the Roland Garros logo cost 8 euros, as does a ballpoint pen with the same logo. A key ring with a ball also costs 8 euros, a key ring with the Roland Garros sign costs 10 euros, while a key ring with clay from the field costs 25 euros. A pack of four balls is 10 euros, a notebook is 15 euros, you need 16 euros for a mug, and 18 euros for a pair of socks. See also how some of the things look like at Roland Garros:

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When it comes to something serious, even more money is needed. A cap with the Roland Garros label costs 26 euros, a shopping bag costs 10 euros, a towel costs 50 euros, and larger ones 80 European banknotes. You need 45 euros for a backpack, an umbrella also costs 45 euros.

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