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Programming of the 17th edition of the Punto de Vista festival

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Programming of the 17th edition of the Punto de Vista festival

Point of view from March 27 to April 1, it will screen around 100 films in the more than 65 sessions programmed by the festival, in addition to offering meetings with filmmakers, workshops, performances or film sessions for children.

At the end of the month, the new edition of Point of view, the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, with an extensive program of films divided into seven major sections: Official Section, Retrospectives, Focus, Lan, Contacts, X Films and Mediation Program. The Official Section will be made up of 18 films from 13 different nationalities such as Peru, the United States, France, Spain, Senegal, Japan, Argentina, Mexico or Germany, among others.

More than 75 people have been invited to participate in the screenings and activities with a high percentage of international profiles: filmmakers, programming managers, curators, etc. More than 400 people have already been accredited, including professionals, students and journalists, and there will be a total of 8 venues that will host the different activities: Baluarte, Cines Golem, Oteiza Museum, Pamplona Planetarium, Navarra Film Library, Huarte Center, Civivox Constable and civican.

The organization highlights the following programs as interesting for all kinds of audiences, not necessarily specialized ones: The premiere on Friday, March 31, of the last two films by German documentary filmmaker Peter Nestler, to whom one of the festival’s two retrospectives is dedicated. The sessions will be accompanied by a public conversation, with free access, between Ricardo Hernández, coordinator of the Gaz Kaló Federation of Gypsy Associations of Navarra, Peter Nestler, and the programmer of the retrospective, Lucía Salas; hindsight away from the trees Over the course of six sessions, he will reflect on a reality of our most immediate context, such as basic necessities for human consumption and the history of their production. All the sessions will include presentations and discussions by Miriam Martín, programmer of the retrospective, and Iosu Ortigosa, a baker from Lakabe, will also participate in the one on Friday, March 31; The festival returns to the Tornamira Hall of the Pamplona Planetarium, where the filmmaker and visual artist from Madrid Deneb Martos will present Kosmogonía, a 35mm film. and site-specific performance made with the quigrama cameraless film technique, to produce, with the help of concave mirrors, a circular projection adapted to the hemispherical vault of the planetarium.

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Music will also have its space thanks to the association started this year with the Navarra Music Commission. The Punto de Vista Nights will take place at Bar Nicolette from Monday to Friday starting at 11:00 p.m. with sessions by DJs from the Navarrese scene such as Dayanna, DJ Chino o Nick. In addition, on Thursday, March 30 at 10:30 p.m., the concert of Joseba Irazoki and the performance of Göo in a free session whose invitations will be available on Tuesday, March 28 in the usual channels. Likewise, Radio 3 will travel to Pamplona to record two special programs of Tres en la Carretera with interviews with filmmakers and performances by Baobabs Will Destroy Your Planet y Andrea Santiago. It will be on Thursday March 30 at 6:00 p.m. and Friday March 31 at 7:30 p.m. from the Baluarte hall and access will be free until full capacity is reached.

The full program and tickets (€3 per session, with the exception of some that will be free access) are available at the following link.

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