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Putin’s Preference: Why Russia Sees Biden as More Beneficial

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has made his preference clear for the upcoming U.S. presidential election, stating that a victory for Joe Biden would be more beneficial to Russia. During an interview, Putin described Biden as “more experienced” and “more predictable” than current President Donald Trump.

Despite his preferences, Putin also emphasized that Russia is willing to cooperate with whichever candidate wins the election in November. When asked directly about his preference between Trump and Biden, Putin stated, “Biden, because he is rich. Experience, more predictability, he is an old-school politician.”

However, Putin’s comments come amidst growing concerns about Biden’s age and health, with recent polls in the United States highlighting voter worries about the 79-year-old candidate. Biden has faced criticism and questions about his memory and ability to lead, with incidents of mixing up the names of world leaders in public speeches.

Meanwhile, Trump has also faced criticism for his verbal slip-ups, with both candidates experiencing their fair share of challenges related to age and mental acuity. Despite this, Putin has expressed firm opposition to U.S. foreign policy under Biden, stating that the current administration’s political stance is “extremely harmful and wrong.”

The differences in foreign policy approach between the two candidates have been particularly evident in the context of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. While Biden has been vocal in his condemnation of Putin’s actions in Ukraine and has led efforts to provide support to the country, Trump has expressed admiration for Putin on multiple occasions and has made controversial statements regarding NATO.

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Following Putin’s comments, Trump responded at a rally in South Carolina, stating, “This is a great compliment. I’ve gotten along very well with Putin in the past, but he obviously doesn’t like me and prefers Biden. Biden will give Ukraine to Putin.”

As the U.S. presidential election draws near, Putin’s comments and the differing foreign policy approaches of the candidates continue to be topics of interest and discussion.

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