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Qualcomm at the MWC with many technological innovations from a 5G and 6G perspective

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Qualcomm at the MWC with many technological innovations from a 5G and 6G perspective

Qualcomm at the MWC with many technological innovations from a 5G and 6G perspective

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Qualcomm at the MWC with many technological innovations from a 5G and 6G perspective

February 21, 2024

The Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona is now upon us, and Qualcomm is heating up its engines with a series of very “technical” but useful announcements for understanding how the world of telecommunications will evolve in the coming years. The American chipmaker, in particular, will show at its stand some new wireless data transmission technologies that will be fundamental both for the evolution of 5G, official name for now 5G Advanced, and for the next generation protocol, namely 6G. A brief overview below:

Giga-MIMO. This is the technology that will make it possible to exploit the higher frequency communication band, between 7 and 24 GHz, which should be the basis of the technological innovation of 6G. Basically, the antenna array is much denser than what we have seen so far, with up to 4,096 elements for each base station, but with the same dimensions as 5G Massive MIMO. At MWC Qualcomm will exhibit the world‘s first Giga-MIMO antenna prototype.

Improvements in mmWave networks. In the city where Qualcomm is headquartered, San Diego, California, the company has implemented an expansion of the mmWave network using hybrid beamforming, which improves the performance of multi-user MIMO and device mobility.

AI. In collaboration with Nokia Labs, Qualcomm will show a pair of demos on how the most advanced wireless technologies allow artificial intelligence to be even more powerful and efficient. Qualcomm also presented its first intelligent processors for 5G RANs, which will also be adopted in next-generation Open vRAN solutions.

Digital Twin Network. Qualcomm brings to the MWC the first demonstrations of the fact that creating digital copies (twins) of physical networks can have advantages for wireless communications in the design, testing, configuration, monitoring and maintenance phases, and ultimately for the user.

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Sub-THz communication. This name generally refers to the band between 100 and 300 GHz: the spectrum is very broad and could bring enormous benefits in the 6G era, but for now we are still in the experimental and research phase. Qualcomm brings to MWC “practical implementations of point-to-multipoint communications with new spectrum in the 140 GHz band and dynamically reconfigurable point-to-point wireless links in the data center.”

AR. Qualcomm will demonstrate, in partnership with Ericsson and Hololight, “how dynamic distributed computing is the key to unlocking borderless AR experiences.” In other words, we need technology that allows a quick and invisible switch from online to local processing.

5G Redcap. These are low-complexity and consequently low-cost 5G implementations, which allow many new devices and economic gadgets to make use of the new communication technology.

“Space” 5G. Updates and new details on the so-called NTN (Non Terrestrial Network) technology which aims to create a network of satellites that fill the gaps in the terrestrial network and, on occasion, can act as a backup in the event of faults and technical problems.

5G FWA, the third generation arrives. Qualcomm presents the new generation of the 5G Fixed Wireless Access Ultra broadband platform at MWC. Here too, artificial intelligence lends a hand, implementing algorithms for searching and selecting the best mmWave channels for transmission.

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