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Queen Elizabeth criticizes world leaders who “talk but don’t do” about the environment

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Queen Elizabeth has criticized world leaders who “speak but don’t” in the fight against global warming, adding that she is “angry” with them for these attitudes. The British Sovereign did not know she was being filmed in livestream as she spoke at the opening of the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff: she certainly would have been more prudent if she had known that his words were being heard.

Elizabeth was speaking to the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, and the President of the Parliament of Wales, Elin Jones, about the COP26 climate summit that will open later this month in Glasgow in her presence. “Extraordinary, isn’t it? – he said – I’ve heard about Cop, I still don’t know who is coming, no idea. We only know of people who don’t come … It’s really annoying when they talk, but they don’t. ‘ Elin Jones replied: “That’s right, it’s time to do … and to watch your nephew on television this morning say that there is no point in going into space, we need to save the Earth.” «Yes, I have read it», Elisabetta commented.

Prince William had recorded an interview with the BBC in which he criticized, but without specifically mentioning them, billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, engaged in the space race and colonization of new planets. According to the Duke of Cambridge, instead of devoting himself to space tourism it would be better to spend the money to save the Earth, which needs care and resources.

The words of the Queen and her nephew echo the warning of Greta Thunberg, who in her recent visit to Italy had criticized world leaders for the constant “bla bla bla” which is never followed by concrete facts. A recent report from the Institute for Energy confirmed that the commitment to reduce emissions to zero by 2050 will not be met, and will only be achieved at 40% of what states have promised. Indeed, the global energy crisis is driving countries like India and China to consume more coal. Even Prince Charles, a few days ago, said he was worried that “only words” were being made in Glasgow. “The problem – he added – is to take initiatives on the ground”.

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American President Joe Biden will attend the Glasgow conference, but the list of those who have not confirmed his presence is very long: the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Russian Vladimir Putin, the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro will be missing. and Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi. Carlo said he was surprised by the absence of Morrison, who presides over a Commonwealth state, but he was unable to talk about the others. Her mother did, even though she didn’t know she was being listened to. But the fear that once again only words will be heard in Glasgow is becoming a certainty.

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