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Rafinha says James has been playing ‘the same football’ for 10 years

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Rafinha says James has been playing ‘the same football’ for 10 years

One of the biggest motivators for hiring James Rodriguez for the São Paulo, a few months ago, Rafinha admitted that the Colombian’s time in Brazilian football was not the best. In an interview with “TNT Sportsthe right-back, who had already played alongside the midfielder in Bayern Munchencited some reasons to explain the failure in Brazil.

“We did our best to bring James here, I have a lot of friendship with him, but we have to be realistic, it’s not just because he’s my friend… the football that James plays today is the same as it was 10 years ago. . Is he soft, slow? No, it’s his style of play. At Bayern, he didn’t play every game. When he played, the coaches set up a training system for him. And that’s how it was his entire career. Today it is It’s difficult. How are the guys going to change São Paulo? It’s difficult, a tight team, no one giving a break, he’s my friend, we know the quality. It’s not that it didn’t work, but how is Carpini going to change the team to get James to play? James is a star, in his position he is dominant, but for him to work, it has to be like in Colombia, where they make a team for him”, he explained, saying that he understands the athlete’s option to terminate his contract .

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“As much as he’s a guy who isn’t dynamic, it’s also bad for a guy to not play, especially a guy of his caliber. That’s the difference, when Carpini arrived, he said ‘he’s a guy I have to respect, since it doesn’t cause any problems.”

Rafinha was also questioned about the fact that James had refused to travel to Belo Horizonte, where São Paulo played in the Supercopa Rei, against Palmeiras, on the 4th: “He’s my partner, but you’re right. I told him ‘Come on, it doesn’t cost anything, you go there and come back tomorrow’. This had already been discussed between them before the final, but of course we wanted him there. It’s the final, everyone wants to participate, everyone who was there He was hurt. You’ll know what this guy is going through. I wish he was there, because it’s not normal. Those who don’t understand think he’s kidding me.”


Although James asked to leave São Paulo a few days ago, he continues to train normally at the club, while trying to reach an agreement with the board on the best way to terminate his contract.

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