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Rail strike in RLP: Travelers have to expect this

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Rail strike in RLP: Travelers have to expect this

Rhineland-Palatinate will also be affected by the GDL’s renewed rail strike. According to Deutsche Bahn, there will be severe restrictions on long-distance, regional and S-Bahn traffic.

Once again, the people of Rhineland-Palatinate have to adapt to restrictions on regional and long-distance rail transport. The GDL has announced new strikes from Thursday morning at 2 a.m. to Friday at 1 p.m.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is offering basic long-distance, regional and S-Bahn services during the strike, a DB spokeswoman announced on Monday. To what extent this is possible in Rhineland-Palatinate cannot be said conclusively at this point, the spokeswoman continued.

GDL strikes on the railways. If the train doesn’t run, travelers can rebook or cancel. You have to take this into account.

Tue.5.3.2024 6:00 a.m. SWR Aktuell in the morning SWR Aktuell

The train connection has been lifted for March 7th and 8th, passengers can also make up their journeys on a later day. Customers referred them to for more information the DB homepage.

Private railway companies in RLP are partly not directly affected

Not all rail connections are directly affected by the strike, as some routes are operated by private companies. Accordingly, vlexx’s trains are not affected by the strike because they have their own collective agreement, according to the company’s homepage. Vlexx operates regional train lines around Mainz. The same applies to the MittelrheinBahn, which, among other things, operates trains between Mainz and Cologne via Koblenz.


If a strike paralyzes rail traffic Rail strike – employees must show up for work on time

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Commuters need strong nerves again: The GDL has announced a warning strike in passenger transport for Thursday. You can find out how you can get to work and what rights you have here.

Tue.5.3.2024 9:00 a.m. The morning SWR1 Rhineland-Palatinate

The situation is different for the Albtalverkehrsgesellschaft, whose light rail services also serve the southern Palatinate from Karlsruhe. According to information on their website, some lines are directly affected by the GDL strike.

However, all private railway operators could suffer disruptions, some of them major, if the GDL also went on strike at signal boxes. These are operated by the DB.

These lines are affected in Rhineland-Palatinate


  • S1 Homburg(Saar) – Mannheim – Heidelberg – Osterburken: 2-hourly intervals (cancellation on the section between Kaiserslautern and Homburg)
  • S2 Kaiserslautern – Mannheim – Heidelberg – Mosbach: Every 2 hours between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m
  • S3 Germersheim – Speyer – Mannheim – Heidelberg – Karlsruhe: 2-hour intervals
  • S33 Germersheim – Graben-Neudorf – Bruchsal: 2-hour intervals
  • S4 Germersheim – Speyer – Ludwigshafen – Mannheim – Heidelberg – Bruchsal: failure
  • S44 Ludwigshafen – Ludwigshafen BASF North: failure
  • S6 Bensheim – Mannheim – Frankenthal – Worms – Mainz: 2-hourly intervals (cancellation on the section between Mannheim and Bensheim)

Regional Express lines:

  • RE1 Koblenz – Trier – Saarbrücken – Kaiserslautern – Mannheim: failure
  • RE11 Luxembourg – Trier: Regular timetable (short-term cancellations possible)
  • RE2 Koblenz – Bingen – Mainz – Frankfurt: Regular timetable (short-term cancellations possible)
  • RE4 (Frankfurt/Main) – Mainz – Ludwigshafen – Karlsruhe: failure
  • RE6 Karlsruhe – Landau – Neustadt – Kaiserslautern: failure
  • RE14 Frankfurt/Main – Mainz – Ludwigshafen – Mannheim: failure
  • RE16 Trier – Perl – Apach – MetzVille: Regular timetable (short-term cancellations possible)
  • RE25 Koblenz – Bad Ems – Limburg – Wetzlar – Giessen: failure
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Regional train lines:

  • RB23 Mayen – Andernach – Koblenz – Bad Ems – Nassau – Limburg(Lahn): failure
  • RB35 Worms – Alzey – Bingen: 4-hour cycles
  • RB38 Kaisersesch – Mayen – Mendig – Andernach: failure
  • RB45 Neustadt – Bad Dürkheim – Freinsheim – Grünstadt – Monsheim: Every 2 hours (canceled on the section between Grünstadt and Monsheim)
  • RB46 Frankenthal – Freinsheim – Grünstadt – Ramsen – Eiswoog: 2-hour intervals
  • RB51 Neustadt – Landau – Winden – Wörth – Karlsruhe: 2-hour intervals
  • RB52 Wörth – Hagenbach – Lauterbourg: failure
  • RB53 Neustadt – Landau – Winden – Wissembourg: failure
  • RB54 Winch – Bad Bergzabern: failure
  • RB55 Landau – Annweiler – Hinterweidenthal – Pirmasens: 2-hour intervals
  • RB62 Worms – Hofheim – Biblis: failure
  • RB63 Worms – Bürstadt – Bensheim: failure
  • RB64 Pirmasens – Schopp – Kaiserslautern: 2-hour intervals
  • RB65 Kaiserslautern – Alsenz – Bad Münster – Bad Kreuznach – Bingen: 2-hour intervals
  • RB66 Kaiserslautern – Wolfstein – Lauterecken-Grumbach: 2-hour intervals
  • RB67 Kaiserslautern – Landstuhl – Ramstein – Altenglan – Kusel: 4-hour cycles
  • RB68 Pirmasens – Zweibrücken – Saarbrücken: 2-hour intervals
  • RB70 Kaiserslautern – Homburg – Saarbücken – Dillingen – Merzig: Regular timetable (cancellation on the section between Saarbrücken and Merzig)
  • RB71 Trier – Saarbücken – Homburg(Saar): Regular timetable (short-term cancellations possible)
  • RB81 Koblenz – Cochem – Bullay – Wittlich – Trier: 2-hour intervals
  • RB82 Trier – Perl: failure
  • RB83 Wittlich – Trier – Wasserbillig – Luxembourg: Failure on the section between Wittlich and Wasserbillig.

RLP Minister Eder calls for a quick solution

The Rhineland-Palatinate Mobility Minister Katrin Eder (Greens) called for quick arbitration talks in the Deutsche Bahn tariff dispute on Tuesday. Eder said at an appointment in Speyer that the image of local public transport was suffering from the frequent strikes.

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Negotiations between the railway and the union failed last Thursday. The crux of the collective bargaining dispute, which has been simmering for months, is the GDL’s demand for a reduction in weekly working hours for shift workers from 38 to 35 hours without financial losses.

Both sides sat together behind closed doors for almost four weeks to find a compromise. Two mediators, the former Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière and Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther (both CDU), moderated the discussions – but without success.

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