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Rat-Zinger, review of their album Bala per capita (2024)

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Rat-Zinger, review of their album Bala per capita (2024)

The seventh studio album by Rat-Zinger It will go down in history for being the first one they recorded without Javi Puñales, the original guitarist of the Bilbao band. When they barely had four songs ready, and two months after starting to record, he got off the donkey (the project was already incompatible with his personal and family life). But in his place came Dann Hoyos, a guitarist of more than enough solvency, experienced as a teacher and musician in a thousand musical projects ranging from Rise To Fall (his colleagues at the venue, where his drummer, Xavi “Descarga”) also plays, to Space Octopus through American groups like FunkyDeep or The Logan. In fact, he had already played with them as a substitute guitar in some gigs, and as soon as he agreed to join as an official member they got to work, composing the rest of the songs on “Bullet per capita”. They would record them at OS Records (Alicante) in August 2023 with Óscar Streamline, their usual sound engineer on tours, so everything would remain in the family.

As a result, eleven new songs that continue to sound with the usual fury and forcefulness of the quartet, but that acquire a new dimension and visit unexplored terrain with the incorporation of the new guitarist. Something similar (within the distance) to what happened when Goar entered the mythical Cicatriz.

Open “Bullet per capita”composed when Puñales was still around and, therefore, one of the most Rat-Zinger from work. Go on “I love black money”based on a fat riff with a lot of groove. “I hate the monkey race” It may be an unconscious tribute to “The extermination of the monkey race” of scurvy “I want to see it burn” It has the successful collaboration of Martillo, singer of The Capaces in what is the first female voice to be heard on an album by the band.

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The revolutions accelerate in “7 crimes in 30 seconds”, a prank that, living up to its name, lasts exactly half a minute. They start with flamenco airs in “Ya no hay kinkis”, which then obviously immediately goes back to its usual sounds with the collaboration of the voice of Kutxi Romero (Marea). The adventures of the tours are portrayed in “Today not even the Civil Guard stops us”. “What bothers them the most” addresses the sensitive topic of suicide. “Envenéname (Reload)” is a new version of this song, originally recorded in “Chronicles of Destruction” in 2012. Things accelerate again in “No regrets”, before relaxing with “Berlin”, closing of the album where they dare with an acoustic song and the collaboration of Kosta Vázquez (Boikot) on cello. Long live rock & roll for sons of bitches.

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