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Razov against Repubblica: “Unjust and partial articles”

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Razov against Repubblica: “Unjust and partial articles”

The Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Razov, again took it out on the Italian press: it was “unfair and impartial”, he says, in reporting the contents of the meeting in which the foreign ministry officially asked him to account for the his paradoxical attack on the Italian press, accused of conducting a hate campaign.

Summoned to the Farnesina for the shots on the “morality of politicians” and on the “Russophobia of the media” – set off by the Russian Foreign Ministry and relaunched on Facebook by the Embassy in Rome – Razov made a silent scene. So he describes who was there. The newspapers report it, and instead of cashing in he tries again: “The interpretation of the content of the confidential meeting can hardly be considered otherwise that, at the very least, unjust and partial” and “can only confuse readers, cast an additional shadow on Russia and the embassy “.

“We have carefully read – he says in a statement published yesterday on Facebook – of the interpretation by some Italian media of the content of the meeting at the Italian Foreign Ministry between Ambassador Razov and Secretary General Ettore Sequi. Official information is were published on the websites of the Farnesina and the Embassy. However, today we read with surprise in Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Foglio and other newspapers that question the assurances that “they do not need journalism lessons” “.

The official version of that meeting, published by Razov’s collaborators on Facebook, claimed that “the Ambassador dwelt on the sometimes unacceptable statements of high Italian officials against Russia and its leadership. He stressed that the propaganda line that is dominating in the Italian media it can hardly be qualified other than as hostile. He asked for restraint and balance “and” provided clarifications also in relation to Italy’s proposals to end the conflict in Ukraine and the appeals for the unblocking of grain exports “.

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Not at all: “He was unable to give answers or justify the accusations against politicians and the press”, reiterates those who are aware of the “confidential contents” of the meeting. But attacking head-on is Moscow’s new line, that of the falcon Medvedev and the Foreign Ministry: the Zakharova style, imposed on diplomats abroad “and not only in Italy”. In short, flour from the Kremlin sack. And Razov is the ambassador who brings pain.
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