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Reference Quick Comment|The target of “joining the group” or China?The United States deserves to be bombarded_human rights

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Original title: Reference Quick Comment | Is the target of “joining the group” or China?America deserves to be bombarded

Reference News Network reported on October 16(Text/Li Qi)

On the 14th, the United States became one of the 18 new members of the United Nations Human Rights Council and will begin its three-year term on January 1 next year.

Returning to the Human Rights Council is another concrete action taken by the Biden administration to implement the diplomatic slogan “America is back.” It is nothing more than to regain “human rights diplomacy” as a tool to pursue the political interests of the United States.

The mission of the UN Human Rights Council is to strengthen the promotion and protection of human rights throughout the world, deal with violations of human rights and make recommendations. But for many years, some Western countries, headed by the United States, have regarded themselves as “human rights teachers”, turning the council into a tool for them to wield the “human rights stick” to exert pressure on other countries and interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. The operation is off track.

After the United States withdrew, thanks to the efforts of developing countries such as China, the operation of the council has gradually returned to the normal track, but this is obviously something that the United States and other countries do not want to see. In February of this year, US Secretary of State Blincoln stated that the withdrawal of the United States from the council in 2018 has created a “leadership vacuum”, allowing some countries to “take advantage of the void”.

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The United States is so eager to return to the Human Rights Council, its main goal is nothing more than China, hoping to use this as a new battlefield to suppress and contain China.

Out of fear and suspicion of China‘s rapid development, the United States has comprehensively suppressed and contained China in recent years, including continuous attacks on China on human rights issues. According to Agence France-Presse, the executive director of global human rights organization Mark Limon said that since deciding to return to the council, the United States has “basically only focused on one thing, and that is China.”

Linda Thomas Greenfield, the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, also confirmed in a statement that China is a matter of greatest concern to Washington.

However, Limon said that the US move is “sucking up the oxygen of other important work of the Human Rights Council” and “many countries have had enough.” The US should expand the scope of attention and “regain the development of the warming attitude towards Beijing during the absence of the United States. China’s support”.

In recent years, China has actively expressed its position in the field of human rights diplomacy, and has taken the initiative to tear off the hypocritical “human rights veil” of Western countries led by the United States, which has greatly attacked the arrogance of “human rights teachers” who use human rights to attack China.

At the 47th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in July this year, China even launched a fierce confrontation with relevant Western countries, and took the initiative to attack, together with other developing countries, exposing that the United States had The crime of expelling and massacring Indians on a large scale.

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In fact, China’s actions have forced the United States to adopt a defensive stance. The US “Political News” reported in July that Brinken issued instructions to US diplomats around the world, asking them to admit the US’s shortcomings in the field of human rights, and bluntly said that this might be “very painful and even ugly.”

If it weren’t for being exposed because of its own human rights issues, how could the US attitude be so softened? The history of the United States, Canada, Australia and other Western countries has strong evidence of human rights abuses. Under the new crown epidemic, Western developed countries are incapable of fighting the epidemic. The number of deaths has soared. The gap between the rich and the poor has increased. Human rights are not guaranteed at all. All these have severely shredded the hypocritical mask of the Western “model of human rights.”

Now that the United States has returned to the United Nations Human Rights Council, it should be a qualified member to effectively resolve its own human rights issues. If you want to turn the Human Rights Council into a new battlefield against China, and defy itself on the issue of “not engaging in a new cold war,” the United States will surely face a strong counterattack from China, and the “old tricks” are doomed to fail.

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